ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) at the Olivia Centre

The concept of corporate social responsibility also includes environmental, social and governance factors. We are responsible. We understand how important it is for our influence in ESG spheres to be as positive and balanced as possible.

We take into account the environment, society and the way we manage our organization, including these areas in our business strategies. In addition to reducing any negative effects, we try to use our ability to contact over 12 Residents of the center to raise awareness and promote positive behavior.

We regularly verify our commitment to ESG.

E - environment (enviromental)

How does our activity affect the natural environment? Can we reduce our carbon footprint? Can we positively influence the users of our center?

S - social responsibility

How do we interact with our numerous stakeholders? Do we provide the best spaces for our team, residents and our guests? Do we provide a comfortable workplace that improves the well-being of users? Do we have a positive impact on the local community?

G - corporate governance

How do we manage our organization? Are we responsible and transparent?

Eco Olivia

  • Our goal is for at least 2025% of the electricity consumed in our center to come from renewable sources by 50.
  • Residents share best practices and inspiring examples of green campaigns and initiatives for sustainable development.
  • A dedicated team ensuring the efficient and innovative use of electricity and water in the center.

Olivia for the people

  • We are the first office center in the world to receive the highest marks in the certification program Well Health and Safetyin every conceivable category.
  • Every year, Olivia hosts hundreds of events that develop, build relationships and support the professional development of not only Olivia Residents.
  • With the hashtag # RazemMożemyW Więcej (Together We Can Do More) we have marked a wide range of initiatives supporting local initiatives.
  • To counter the COVID pandemic, we have provided stand-alone test units for a nearby hospital and university; we have financed thousands of meals for medical workers; medical equipment, including a ventilator and personal protective equipment for hospital staff.

Proper management

The basic principles related to environmental protection, social values ​​and corporate governance are respected throughout our organization. We have also established an ESG Committee to manage and oversee all ESG issues.