Oliwa Neighbourhood Budget: the winning projects have been announced


The first edition of the Oliwa Neighbourhood Budget has come to an end. During Thursday’s meeting of the Jury, the winning projects were selected and received funding from Olivia. They were announced during this year’s celebration of the district, Viva Oliwa.

The highest number of votes was received by the ” Library +” project, submitted by a group of parents from Oliwa. As part of the project, a children’s section will be created in the Oliwa Library, which is to encourage the youngest inhabitants of the district to visit the facility more often and to encourage them to make friends with books and reading.

Further funding will go to two institutions that will jointly implement the following projects: “ Cultural and Culinary Oliwa “, submitted by the City Initiative Association, and “What is worth seeing in Oliwa – inspiration over coffee”, submitted by the Special School Complex No. 2. These include creating a map of Oliwa with the biggest attractions of the district and places less popular but worth seeing. The map will also include cafes and other catering and service outlets. Thanks to this concept, it will be possible to promote local entrepreneurs widely.

The third co-financed project is “Arte-creation”, submitted by the Association for People with Parkinson’s Disease and Degenerative Brain Diseases and Caregivers: Park On. As part of it, 18 art and ceramic workshops with elements of art therapy will be conducted. They will be dedicated to people who, due to their age or as a consequence of a progressive degenerative brain disease, are at risk of depression, loss of fitness, and a sense of exclusion.

We would like to congratulate the entities that received funding and thank each of the applicants for their participation in the first edition of the Oliwa Neighbourhood Budget.

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