The first edition of the Oliwa Neighbourhood Budget has ended

We are pleased to present the results of the first edition of the Olivia Business Centre Oliwa Neighbourhood Budget. The winning projects were selected during the jury meeting which took place at the Olivia Star, the place where our picturesque district is best seen. They were announced (it could not have been otherwise) at the 9th edition of the Viva Oliva event organised by the Oliwa Town Hall of Culture.

The highest number of votes went to the Library + project submitted by a group of parents from Oliwa.

Another co-funding will go to two institutions which will jointly implement the projects, Cultural and Culinary Oliwa, submitted by the Inicjatywa Miasto Association and What is Worth Seeing in Oliwa; Inspiration over Coffee, submitted by the Affiliated Special Schools No. 2.

The third project is Arte-kreacja submitted by the Park On Association for Persons with Parkinson’s Disease and Degenerative Brain Diseases and Carers.


The Oliwa Neighbourhood Budget is a project of financial support for initiatives submitted by the residents of the Oliwa district of Gdańsk. Its goal is to improve the quality of their lives, modernise the surrounding areas and introduce solutions that will develop local interactions. The First Oliwa Neighbourhood Budget is a pilot project to determine the needs of the Oliwa community for such initiatives. This edition had a pool of funds for the projects of PLN 18,000, of which PLN 12,000 came from the Olivia Business Centre and PLN 6,000 from the City of Gdańsk Councillor from Oliwa Andrzej Stelmasiewicz. Soft projects (organisation of meetings, courses and workshops) and infrastructural projects, which will become an inherent part of the Oliwa cityscape, could apply for funding.

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