Success of the Tricity and the companies residing at the Olivia Business Centre. CEE Awards 2017 handed over.

The Tricity agglomeration the most dynamically growing city; Gdańsk with the main prize for the annual initiative in the public sector (for the Gdańsk Shared Service Centre). PwC a “Provider of most unique services” – the international CEE Awards 2017 jury granted the title to the company for its Financial Competence Centre located at OBC in Gdańsk.  The award in the category: “Best IT centre” was granted to SII, one of the largest IT employers in Pomerania, also with its offices at the Olivia Business Centre.

For 5 years, the CEE Awards gala has been attracting representatives of international outsourcing companies, local authorities, specialists in BSS – Business Services Sector from Central and Eastern Europe.  This year, the Province of Pomerania was represented in Warsaw by representatives from Gdańsk, Gdynia, the Pomerania Development Agency (with its offices at OBC) and Tricity companies.

The awards – being recognition to contribution to the development of the business services sector – were granted in 25 categories. Five main prizes were awarded to the Tricity and local companies. The title of the Manager of the Year was awarded to the Managing Director and Vice-President of the Polish Branch of State Street Bank, Scott Newman. The Gdańsk branch of the Bank is located in Alchemia.

The success of companies from the Tricity is also a success of the Invest in Pomerania (OBC) team, a non-profit initiative that supports foreign investors in their investment projects in Pomerania.


More information is available on the Invest in Pomerania  website.

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