Go by Traficar to and from Olivia!

Olivia Business Centre is the first business centre in the Tricity that established the cooperation with Traficar – a company which offers car rental paid per minute. Thanks to the signed agreement a parking zone for Traficars was created in Olivia. It is a new implementation in OBC in line with the principles of the sharing economy. Car sharing is one of its examples as it makes it possible to limit the number of cars moving around the city and actively promote ecology and pro-social attitudes. The research shows that one car-sharing car can replace even 19 private cars*.

Olivia Business Centre has been betting on non-standard transporting solutions for years. There is a carpooling platform in the business centre – shared use of cars on the way to and from work is only one of the suggestions Olivia offers with regard to ecology and savings – there is also a special OBC bus service and charging points for electric cars. Additionally, tenants have hundreds of parking places for bikes at their disposal along with lockers and showers for cyclists and bike repair stations. From now on, thanks to the cooperation between Olivia and Traficar,  the possibility for individuals as well as for business purposes to use cars paid per minute complements the comprehensive offer.

Traficar has been operating in the Tricity since autumn last year. You can now rent a car and drive it directly to the Olivia Business Centre. The Centre has prepared three parking places dedicated to the Traficar fleet in front of the Olivia Gate B.

How can you use the service? It is simple:

  • download the Traficar application;
  • find the nearest car available and book it;
  • having reached the car (you have fifteen minutes to do so), check its side number and scan the QR code to open the door;
  • the car is in running order as of that moment.

The Traficar service covers most popular districts of Gdańsk (including Śródmieście, Oliwa, Wrzeszcz, Żabianka, Przymorze, Brzeźno, Osowa, Siedlce) and Gdynia (among others, Gdynia Główna, Obłuże, Chylonia, Redłowo, Karwiny, Dąbrowa, Orłowo and Mały Kack). Traficar is also present in Sopot. The current corporate fleet consists of 300 cars in the Tricity. The service is based on the open parking model (free-floating), which means that a car can be rented and returned at any place within the zone.

 Find Olivia in the Traficar application. Find Traficar in Olivia 🙂

Read more about how each of 100 Traficars can replace even 19 ordinary cars. We can recommend the article in mojafirma.infor.pl

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