The garden is not so mysterious any more or what is grown is the patio ;)

If you do not know yet what grows in the very heart of Olivia, here is the information 🙂

We are building an exceptional garden for you all inhabitants of our Metropolis (for the time being we call it a Winter Garden although it will have nothing in common with winter …). This is a place like no other. There is nothing like that in Poland! 🙂 And we intend to develop it along with you – Residents of the Olivia Business Centre.

The 1000 square metres (made of glass!) filled with glass and greenery is to be vivid with live from dawn to dusk. We wish that during the day the garden serves you as a place to relax and hold meetings (professional and non-professional), while in the evenings to be the place for all kinds of events that you may think of: educational, cultural, sports … For you and inhabitants of the Tricity. 

Then …


  • No. This is not a palm house.
  • No. Certainly this is not a botanical garden.
  • Certainly not. This is not a Cube;) 


  • Yes. This is a place where you can spend time with interesting people.
  • Yes. This is a place where a friendly band will be able to have a fantastic concert 😉
  • Yes. This is a place where you can have some rest, have a cup of good coffee, read a book, and play the Heroes of Might and Magic 3!
  • Yes. This is a place that you will be creating on your own. You will decide what the garden is going to be for you. What are you going to do there 🙂 Perhaps a course of pottery or computer graphics? Or perhaps a tournament of „Dobble” or the sentimental „Magic and Sword”? 😉


We will keep you informed about the garden regularly. And we hope you tell us about the garden.

Already a large group of people work on the garden 🙂 Designers, engineers and a construction team as well as layout and decoration specialists. We also have our own garden communication team. The team in the picture will make sure that you are updated on the developments in the garden (in fact 2/3 of the team is in the picture ;)) 

And several photos 🙂 

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Lots will go on 🙂

to be continued

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