Unlocking the Power of Procurement: A Workshop for IT Startups and SMBs

Data: 27.04.2023
Czas: 14:00
Budynek: Four
O4 Coworking
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27 kwietnia 14:00 – 16:00


Join us for an educational workshop on procurement and procurement software for IT startups and SMBs. Conducted by Precoro, a leading procurement software provider, this workshop is tailored to CFOs, CEOs, finance managers, and other C-level executives looking to optimize their procurement processes.


During this workshop, you will learn:

● Why procurement is crucial for IT startups and SMBs
● Signs that it’s time to start thinking about your procurement process
● How to build a good procurement process that supports growth
● Best practices for selecting procurement software that meets your business needs


Lada Samarska, is an experienced spend management professional with a proven track record of helping businesses optimize their procurement processes together with the Precoro team. As a Community Manager at Precoro, Lada has helped numerous IT startups and SMBs achieve better business outcomes through procurement excellence.


Benefits of participating in this workshop include:
● Increasing company operational efficiency by identifying inefficiencies in procurement
processes and streamlining the operations to reduce the time and costs required
● Reducing overall costs and improving profitability through improved sourcing,
purchasing, and vendor management
● Improving risk management and financial stability by identifying existing and potential
supply chain risks and minimizing the potential for financial losses, legal disputes, or
other related issues
● Understanding the key components of a successful procurement process and how to
build one that aligns with your business objectives
● Getting insights into selecting the right procurement software that meets your business

As a bonus, attendees will receive a step-by-step procurement guide for startups and SMBs. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the experts and take your procurement process to the next level!

Where and when does the event take place

April 27 – from 2.00 pm till 4.00 pm

Olivia Centre – O4 Coworking
Olivia Four, sale Wenus, Mars (parter)


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