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BPO Education Center of the Sopot University of Applied Science, as well as Job Office (the unit of Employment Office in Gdańsk), which are active in Olivia Business Centre, educated accountants once again. This time for OBC residents thyssenkrupp, Fujifilm and Kemira. Another edition of “Corporate Accounting” training was completed. Thanks to this course, 8 persons have already been employed as junior accountants. All of them were recruited by Job Office localised in Olivia – a specialised office of Employment Office in Gdańsk (GUP) dedicated to support corporate employers in broadly understood human resources management.

“For 4 years we have been helping the residents of our region to gain unique competences essential for work in financial services centres”, says
Sylwia Broda
from BPO Education Centre. “Now we proved once again that thanks to the invaluable support of our partners it is possible for the residents to gain skills required by BPO/SSC sectors, find an attractive job and begin, within a couple of months, a career in an international corporation”.

We prepared this training in response to specific needs of thyssenkrupp, Fujifilm and Kemira. They were looking for employees for the position of junior accountant“, explains Anna Legan from Job Office. “Let me remind you that all employers with head offices in the city or within Gdańsk District can turn to us or our Job Office with their needs concerning professional staff”.

“If search for people with certain competences turns out to be unsuccessful, Employment Office can organise training courses with the guarantee of employment within tripartite agreements”, adds Krzysztof Kunicki from Job Office.

The effectivity of trainings, as well as still growing BPO/SSC sector’s demand for well-qualified staff mean that corporate accounting training will be continued in the future. More information about the next edition of the project can be found under the “News” section on GUP’s website www.gup.gdansk.pl, as well as on Job Office’s fanpage.

14 weeks’ “Corporate Accounting” training began at the beginning of November 2016. The training was financed by Employment Office in Gdańsk and was led by BPO Education Center, which is the department of the Sopot University of Applied Science and educational support for BPO/SC sector. The training consisted of didactic part – six weeks of classes in the Sopot University of Applied Science – and practical part – 8 weeks’ internship in thyssenkrupp, Fujifilm and Kemira. During 240 hours of theoretical classes trainees were gaining knowledge in the fields of accounting, structure and procedures of the companies from BPO/SSC (shared services) sector, financial-accounting systems (SAP ERP), as well as advanced command of spreadsheets. What is more, they took part in 60 hours of German language course.

Trainees were handed their course completion certificates on February 27 during a ceremony organised in O4 conference centre in Olivia Business Centre. Already from March 1, the graduates of the training programme began their work in the companies which were engaged in the project.

– We try to create optimal conditions for development and cooperation for the Companies residing in Olivia Business Centre. “Corporate Accounting” training is a great example of effective and efficient cooperation of enterprises and institutions which are present in our centre. And, on top of that, in a spirit of good neighbourly relations – says Agnieszka Zglinicka, Director of SME in Olivia Business Centre. – Job Office analyses human-resource needs and recruits trainees, BPO Education Center trains and our Residents, thyssenkrupp, Fujifilm and neighbouring Kemira –employ. The fact that international corporations, HR companies, business support institutions, Job Office and Talent Development Centre are in one place, brings excellent results.

From the start, one of the main assumptions of Olivia Business Centre was its multi-functional nature that covers also assistance for residents as regards recruitment. Currently, in the centre there are 9 entities (commercial entities and local governments), whose main area of activity is HR sector.

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