Opening of Talent Development Centre

The Poviat Job Centre in Gdańsk opens a new organisational unit called the Talent Development Centre. This modernly equipped place providing the services in the area of counselling and coaching is located in the Olivia Business Centre. It is the first centre in Poland that renders the services in the scope of talent diagnosis. For the Job Centre, it will also be the first centre whose services can be used by the residents of the whole city.


DSC_3188The TDC will operate three dedicated areas: the Career Academy (for the residents, including the employed), the Personal Development Zone (for those registered with the Poviat Job Centre in Gdańsk), and the Youth Talent Land (dedicated to pupils/students, parents and teachers). One of the main tasks of the TDC is the cooperation with the education sector, that is with primary schools, gymnasiums, post-gymnasium schools and higher education institutions.


‘It is no coincidence that the Talent Development Centre that is of key importance for the activities undertaken by our Job Centre is opened at the Olivia Business Centre that attracts dozens of new employers. During our talks held with the companies located there, it turned out that even the best recruitment procedure is not enough if there are no suitable candidates. The number of people who do not work in accordance with their predispositions and professional qualifications is still too large. And on the other hand, there is a huge group of employers who are confronted with the problem of finding suitable employees. The aim of the Talent Development Centre is to effectively bridge this gap in the labour market’, explains Roland Budnik, the Head of the Poviat Job Centre in Gdańsk.


DSC_3148As many as 12 specialists in HR and career counselling will work in modernly equipped rooms of the Talent Development Centre. Their task is to provide comprehensive support to the residents of Gdańsk in the scope of broadly interpreted career counselling and career pursuit through a number of innovative tools such as assessment centre, career coaching and crisis coaching, as well as relationship counselling or Gallup talent assessment tests. The advise given by the specialists should provide the beneficiaries of the activities held in the Centre with the knowledge concerning the methods of better self-presentation during meetings with prospective employers, as well as with different ways of looking at the job-seeking process and professional self-promotion. This is the place where one can take part in the workshops aimed at self-discovery and creative thinking, as well as become convinced about the strength of modern training methods for team work.


In addition, the offer of the TDC also includes practical classes with experts – business trainers, people working in marketing or recruitment sectors, make-up artists or specialists in new technologies. All classes and activities are carried out far from ‘official’ rooms, in modern interiors of the Centre of the area exceeding 500m2, equipped with special training multimedia rooms and networking space.


DSC_3267‘The activities of the recently opened Talent Development Centre are based mainly on the development of our clients’ strengths, their talents and innate abilities. We would like to show the residents of Gdańsk, as well as schools, that is teachers, pupils, students, parents, that the key to satisfactory job includes not only practical professional skills which are developed by our Job Centre during different specialist trainings, but also personal abilities and the identification of our potential’, adds Kariona Chamier-Ciemińska, the head of the TDC.


The offer of the TDC is available to all residents in the city. They can also benefit from the services of the Career Academy. The persons registered with the Poviat Job Centre in Gdańsk can contact counsellors from the Personal Development Zone. The appointments for the consultations in the Talent Development Centre can be made by telephone on 513 096 893, or the interested persons can use the appointment calendar application available at the website of the TDC at www.centrumtalentow.pl. The clients of the Job Centre can also arrange the appointment through their individual adviser. In September 2016, the offer of the TDC will also be expanded with the Youth Talent Land dedicated to students in vocational schools.

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