Do you know that two thirds of people who work outside the home say that social aspects (conversations, relationships and face-to-face contact) are the main reasons why they come to the office even if they don’t have to? Do you also know that, according to MIT Human Dynamics Lac comprehensive survey, collective intelligence in an organisation, which generates the best ideas and helps create ground-breaking projects, results from direct interactions? Thus, let’s #GetBackToOffice. Especially given the fact that Olivia is not only a modern, functional and safe area , but also a unique community, thanks to which you can grow professionally and personally.


Here you will develop yourself and your passions. You will have the opportunity to participate in webinars, workshops, training events and conferences (online or on site). You will meet inspiring people. You can take part in sports activities organised by us (from volleyball through walking and cycling around Oliwa to sailing) and several Ambassadors Clubs where the enthusiasts of such areas as foreign languages, photography or climbing may meet. There is also the Olivia Choir and voluntary service – we donate blood as a part of Kropelka Energii undertaking, promote the idea of bone marrow donors, we support local organisations, and are sensitive to the needs of local citizens. This year we carried out Oliwa Neighbourhood Budget project for the first time. We would like you to feel comfortable in our space while developing your career and spending your free time here. We want Olivia to be your place.


All our projects and solutions aim to help you maintain work-life balance. Nearly 80% of you indicated that the things you miss the most are direct meetings and conversations with co-workers*. Personal relations increase effectiveness, improve mental condition, and motivate to action. That is why we encourage you to come back to safe Olivia and safe offices, but also for the moments of relaxation at work because, according to studies carried out by NASA, short periods of rest increase productivity by 35%, creativity by 40% and decisiveness by 50%.

Don’t forget that Olivia will help you organise your day. Thanks to our diverse catering offer and numerous services you will not only spend time with your family and friends (there is no other place like Olivia Star and its top tiers with a unique viewing platform and excellent restaurants led by Michelin stars winners), but also make almost all current errands: you will wash your car, change your tyres, have your laundry done, have your shoes repaired, make health check-up, have your glasses done, visit a bank and a notary public, fill a prescription and even pay energy bills. Here we have also a school and a nursery school!


We made sure that you can work, relax and develop yourself in Olivia safely. We have been working intensively for the last few months – following global trends, implementing new solutions and changing procedures – to make sure that Olivia remains the safest environment for residents, their employees and guests. Everyone in Olivia is important to us.

And finally, do you know, that

  • we covered all surfaces and high-touch elements (in halls, corridors, lobbies, underground spaces, elevator cabins and their panels; handrails, door handles, security control gates, toilets, bicycle locker rooms and furniture) with innovative titanium coating?
  • air ionisers, which clean the air, work in the air handling units of our buildings?
  • all buildings in Olivia, including the 180-metre Olivia Star, have tilting windows, thanks to which employees of our offices have continuous access to fresh air.

If not, see the material we have prepared for you.

Good to see you again. In safe Olivia.


* “Office vs. Home Office” survey, June 2020

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