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Pomerania Development Agency has announced call for applications within Sub-measure 2.2.1. profiled investments – grant support. The contest is addressed to micro, small and medium enterprises. Applications shall be submitted from February 1, 2017 up to March 15, 2017. The total financial envelope allocated to co-financing of projects participating in the contest amounts to more than PLN 66 million.

Applications in paper form shall be submitted in person in the headquarters of Pomerania Development Agency S.A. (Olivia Six building) from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm, or sent to the following address:

Pomerania Development Agency S.A.

Al. Grunwaldzka 472 D, 80-309 Gdansk

Submission procedure

In the first place, application form shall be filled in and sent via Application Generator available on the website www.gwa.pomorskie.eu.

Afterwards, an application consisting of a signed application form together with necessary attachments in paper form shall be submitted to Pomerania Development Agency in person or sent to the aforementioned address.

Detailed rules concerning the procedure of submitting applications for co-financing are stated in point 11 of the contest regulations.

Types of projects covered by co-financing

Investments in enterprises which enable:

  • the extension of sales markets and the range of offered products/services or the improvement of their quality – projects in the scope of intelligent specialisation,
  • efficiency improvement thanks to information and communication technologies,
  • the reduction of water, resource, material, transport and energy consumption in production processes, that is for example the economic use of resources and energy as well as reducing the emission of harmful substances

and consist in:

  • infrastructure development and extension (including buildings, machines, installations and devices),
  • updating the elements of tangible assets necessary for conducting and developing economic activity,
  • introducing substantial changes to the production process or changes in the scope of methods of providing services (including electronically supplied services), introducing organisational changes concerning the implementation of company management systems, including environmental management systems, computerisation of production processes.

More information available at Pomerania Development Agency’s website.

Contest regulations

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