Extraordinary works in Olivia Star. Park ON Exhibition

Self-expression through art, or the Park On Exhibition in Olivia

In the lobby of Olivia Star, we can admire the works made by the charges of the Park On Association. Thanks to a grant from Olivia’s Oliwa Neighbourhood Budget, the members of the association were able to take part in art therapy classes conducted under the supervision of professional artists. Extraordinary works were created. Created out of love for art. 

Several entities cooperated with each other on the project and it was thanks to them that its implementation became possible. It brought a lot of good not only to the participants themselves, but also to the visitors of the exhibition, because we can admire its tangible effects when visiting Olivia Business Centre. 

The classes were conducted by the visual artist Kamila Szelągowicz (works inspired by ethnography occupy a special place in her work) and Aleksandra Went. running her own studio Wela Ont Ceramika, working in an artistic duo with Alicja Karska. Since the beginning of the association’s existence, i.e. since July 2019, both ladies have declared their help and time as volunteers. The Porcelain Factory in Lubian also contributed to the project, and more precisely provided materials – clay and beautiful porcelain for firing. Working at the Park On Association Urszula Wyrwińska points out: We are extremely happy that it worked. Any support is very valuable to us, because we operate for a short time, and pro bono at that. Without funding from the already mentioned Olivia Neighbourhood Budget, the help of the Porcelain Factory in Lubiana and the Oliwa District Council, which offered a place for workshops , the project would not have been possible. Most of the people who take the classes couldn’t really afford them, living off a modest pension.” 

Among the many works made during the eighteen 90-minute workshops  , those associated with the location of Gdańsk-Oliwa, evoking associations with the sea and forests of the Tri-City Landscape Park, were exhibited in Olivia.

Everyone has a need to express themselves through art. In different dimensions and in different manifestations. Art therapy workshops, where the creative process itself has a therapeutic effect, stimulate creativity and play a huge role in Parkinson’s disease. As Mrs. Urszula emphasizes: “This is very necessary at a time when adults are losing something. It’s like a demotion – first giving up your job, then giving up walking. However, many of us discover our talent thanks to this difficult situation. People with the disease begin to create, paint, write books, etc. Many of them want to prove themselves artistically. It’s one of our kinds of expression.” 

Art therapy has an impact on many levels: it has a corrective function: it allows you to regain mental balance, treat depression, fight anxiety, relieve frustrations, facilitate communication with other people, support the process of building a positive attitude to the world, and raise self-esteem. It also educates, enriching the inner life, expanding skills and knowledge in the field of artistic techniques. Therapy is also a great entertainment, a form of relaxation, a good way to spend free time among people who are similar to you. That is why, even during online meetings, there was no shortage of willing creators.

Urszula sums up her cooperation with Olivia in the following way: The contact with you, at every stage, was wonderful. You have done a lot of good, which is why we wanted to present the works that you have created. I want you to see that every dot that appears here was made by a person who thought warmly of you while working on his work.”

Thank you for such amazing words! And we think very warmly of the Creators and Artists, thanks to whom we can admire this unique exhibition. Welcome to the lobby of Olivia Star!

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