Children’s Day Play Town at Olivia Business Centre

On the occasion of Children’s Day, on Saturday, 4 June, a Play Town will be created at Olivia Business Centre! For the youngest residents of Oliwa and other nearby districts, as well as for the children of Olivia Business Centre residents, there will be many attractions (m.in. a theatre performance, dance and sports classes, an inflatable playground, a show of scientific experiments). Admission is free.

We invite all children and their parents to have fun on the occasion of Children’s Day. The Play Town opens on June 4 at 10.00 a.m. at the stadium of the University of Gdansk, behind the buildings of Olivia Business Centre, and will remain available for young adventurers until 10.00 a.m. 14.00. Please bring comfortable clothes, blankets for picnic rest and good humor. 🙂

For the third time, Olivia Business Centre and the Residents of the Centre are jointly organising a family picnic, to which they invite local residents and employees of Oliwa office buildings. The games are held in compliance with all safety rules.


The programme of attractions on the stage of the Play Town:

“Hourly” attractions:

10.00 a.m. – theatrical performance by the KOPEREK and KMINEK groups

10.30 a.m . – SING! – mini playback show with children

11.00 – YOU CAN DANCE! – dance show

11.30 a.m. – SCIENCE SHOW – demonstration of “blood-curdling” experiments

12.00 – STAMP GAME – interactive adventure game for children and parents

12.30 – BIG SOAP BUBBLES – surprise the Clown and create the biggest soap bubble!

13.00 – JUDO

1.30 p.m. – SPORTS COMPETITIONS for parents with children



“Permanent” attractions (available throughout the picnic):

  • INFLATABLES – two slides and a bouncy castle, which is a real treat for jumping fans!
  • A STAND FULL OF EXPERIMENTS – discover the world of experiments and see for yourself that the impossible can become real!
  • CHILDREN’S CORNER – games for the youngest participants
  • FACE PAINTING – fantastic characters on children’s faces
  • MONOPOLY – Winning Moves invites the youngest to play Monopoly on a special, large board with the adventures of Peppa Pig!
  • DRAW – take part in a game where every ticket wins!
  • DIY, OR THE LITTLE ENGINEER’S WORKSHOP – use wood, hammer and other tools to conjure up fantastic equipment and take it home!

Organizer: Olivia Business Centre

Gold Sponsor: Energa Group

Partners: PwC, Staples, Winning Moves, Lobster Restaurant, Medicover, White Cat Kindergarten

Media patronage: Trójmiasto.pl, Radio Gdańsk, StaraOliwa.pl

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