Together we can do more! Join the volunteers at thyssenkrupp!

It has been known for a long time that together we can do more. Volunteers from our resident, thyssenkrupp, let us know that they had organized a fundraiser for mothers from the Single Mother’s Home in Matemblewo. And we let you know that you can do something good!


#tkVolunteers want to accumulate funds in this way, which they can use to buy what young mothers do not have every day – cosmetics or make-up accessories. They will give gifts to mothers on Women’s Day.


Collection of #tkVolunteers for mothers




More about the Single Mother’s Home


The Single Mother’s Home in Matemblewo has been run by CARITAS of the Archdiocese of Gdańsk since 1 July 2012. It helps pregnant women and mothers with minor children who are struggling with various life problems. They are often forced to seek help by domestic violence, financial problems, lack of family support and other dramatic situations. This house is a place that offers not only a roof over one’s head, but also – and perhaps above all – legal assistance, psychological and social support. So far, the facility has taken care of over 1400 mothers and children. More…



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