The Olivia Centre Choir – a unique project celebrated its 5th anniversary!

It was an event full of emotions, good emotions and great hits. The concert “Fifth ROCK of the Olivia Centre Choir” took place on December 6 on the 34th floor of Olivia Star and filled the hall to the brim, gathering an audience of over three hundred people. Once again, it turned out how special Olivia’s venture is.


During the pandemic, nearly 80% of choirs in Poland were forced to suspend their activities, and after the pandemic, only a handful of them continue their activities. Against many odds, the Olivia Centre choir not only endures, but also develops perfectly, contributing to the strengthening of the Oliwa community. The project, created in a business environment, which brings together busy and burdened with numerous responsibilities employees of corporations on a daily basis, is a unique undertaking, proving that passion can connect people and be something much more than just a space for them to develop their vocal talent.


The Olivia Centre Choir is one of the most active clubs for developing passions in Olivia. It is part of a project that has been implemented for years to create an active, strong community in Olivia, which is manifested in the functioning of a number of teams focused on the various interests of the employees of this largest business center in Poland. For years, there have been clubs of enthusiasts of photography, football, volleyball, mountain biking, cross-country running, plant lovers or singing together in the form of the Olivia Centre choir. These clubs have repeatedly shown how important a role they play in the local community, uniting their forces for important projects. During the pandemic, the people in them have completed m.in. collection of computers for children during remote learning, collection and distribution of Christmas gifts for the sick and needy and those in isolation, as well as collection of equipment and food for Ukrainians after Russia’s aggression against their country. At the same time, the choir is the most active project, which this year celebrates its 5th anniversary.


The conductor and manager of the choir is Wiktoria Pagieła, a native of Zhytomyr. It is her energy and persistence that make the project develop, bringing together people from over 20 companies from the Olivia Centre. As she emphasizes, the challenges she faces go far beyond what could be superficially called a club for developing her own passion.


– A conductor should have managerial competence to be able to develop the ensemblenot only in terms of music, but also in terms of Artistic. Luckily,I’mstill succeeding when we’ve been continuously developing our business for 5 years . During the pandemic, they masteredśwe piecesę rehearsals via the Internet, it will be possible toTAbout Us SIę even recordsć music video and releaseć The firstą pTYtęand we are currently preparing forę to our first commercial gig that will beęGoing onę in the Oliwa Town Hall of Culture. -Tells Wiktoria Pagieła.

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As he emphasizes, leading a choir means working on personalities that are as different as the voices are, but which nevertheless create harmonious sounds in the choir.


– To me, it’s importantżindividual contact with each other is notżSmoke from CZTonics of our teamTu whenż This is aęI manage to do itę constructionć TakesTe relationships and maintainsć TeamT Even during such difficult periods as they have gone throughśwe together, like the pandemic or the rise inśremote work. We like to siAs a ensemble, and this is the most importantthing for the development of the choir and our potential,” adds the conductor.

Fig. Maciej Roszkowski


A choir in the center of the business attracts people to the office


The non-musical role of the choir is noticed by many of its members. Marta Moksa, a choir member and director of the O4 coworking space, emphasizes that the mission of the choir for each of its members is much more than just a meeting of music lovers.


– Olivia’s choir is a classic exampleTad this, że reallyę Not all that is in żin life and in business we do, must haveć in advance forTaboutżpurpose, or a quantifiable indicator of theźNiki. And at the same timeThat the key in lifearethe people with whomyou start to do something. How do youfull of energy, commitmentand passion, then suddenly there is a Wonders. At the beginning of theItwas supposedto be just an ordinaryhobby In the case of the Scottish Government, the Netherlands But how do youIf 10,000 people gather in one place, you canalready gather forty great amateur musicians with a big heart for the world.singing! For me, it’s aIt wasnot a great specificity (concerts, albums, awards, competitions) and at the same timeasymbol of the role that Olivia wants and fulfillsin the lives of many people from the Tri-City – says Marta Moksa.


Ewa Bućko , a senior accountant from Lyreco, joined the choir during the pandemic. Her adventure began completely by accident when, while in the office during the lockdown, she came across information about the recruitment and applied for an audition. Since then, the choir has become a place that not only gives her the opportunity to fulfill her artistic passions, but also provides a stimulus to come to the office: Fact że rehearsals shall take placeą Się inTaśin my workplace, motivates me a lotT On top of that, żso that on this particular day I would beTand in the office. KnowI also said thatI had to plan my tasks in such a way that I would be able to on a timed rehearsal. I’m very happy that my wholeteam in the company is very supportive of my artistic aspirations and cheers me on to make mydreams come true . ViewerThere are also a lot of events in Olivia that are supposedto attract people to the office. People chThey takeadvantage of such oppor tunitiesand attractions, and I am the best example of this.


Wiktoria Pagieła also confirms that during the 5 years of the choir’s activity, it began to play a much more important role in the lives of musicians than just the one related to rehearsals and concerts: Our choir is a group of 40 people, representingvery different worldsEnvironments. CzMost of them have been singing in the choir sinceits inception, and therefore already 5 years. ZawiąbehindTY się in it alreadyż Friendshipźno, meTaboutśToday,ęwhy the choir is not only our passion, but alsożE spoTEcznoT h e, which meetsę on the commonśkaraoke, cinema or other social gatherings. After so many years, the choir is alreadyThat’s our musical family.


Michał Krzepkowski, a manager from Epam Systems, a company with offices in Olivia, does not hide his satisfaction from participating in such a unique undertaking and the non-musical benefits: To my knowledge, there is no other initiative like this in the world. Certainly, it is something very unique and at first glance it is difficult to find a connection with everyday managerial duties. However, if we take a closer look, the work of a choir is also a group work, where everyone is different – if we compare it to our corporations, it is a much bigger challenge – if only because it is a larger team than those that managers deal with on a daily basis. Choir is a team effort – that is, if we want to achieve something, we should do it together. Choir is also about learning to listen to each other, it’s about working on communication, about looking for your strengths and weaknesses, it’s about supporting each other when you’re doing great, but also when there are days when everything sucks. For me personally, the choir gives a better perspective on the team, on how to work together to become better, how to overcome difficulties that will arise and how to improve communication.


In a period of dynamic changes in the labour market and the evolution of the office work model towards hybrid solutions, managers are developing numerous solutions to motivate employees to return to the office. Olivia Centre, among other things, through the activities of such passion development clubs as the choir, shows that with an interesting employee integration policy, the hybrid model does not have to be the dominant variant at all. According to extensive research conducted by Olivia, the number of employees coming to the office increases significantly on days when the center organizes events for employees of companies operating in its area.

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A few more words about the concert…


The guests certainly let themselves be carried away by the wave of energy, singing and rock sound. Not only was it a great time, but everyone who bought a ticket for the jubilee concert contributed to the charitable goal of the event. The Choir decided to allocate part of the proceeds from the tickets to scholarships for students of the Secondary Music School. Feliks Nowowiejski in Gdansk. Young artists, Antonina Zawada from class III, accompanied by her father, Paweł Zawada and Józef Wesołowski from class VII presented themselves excellently to the general public during the event.

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As the title of the concert suggests, “Olivia Centre’s Fifth ROCK”, guests could hear world rock hits arranged for choir, such as Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, U2’s “With or Without You”, and Queen’s “We Will Rock You”.


Soloists: Dominika Rossa, Paweł Neumann, Samuel Steinborn.


The Olivia Centre Choir was also accompanied by Felipe Alvarado (saxophone, classical guitar) and a band consisting of Marcin Twardowski – piano; Olaf Shchelushchenko – guitar; Krzysztof Hnatiuk – bass; Tomasz Hoffman – drums.


Olivia Centre Choir conducted by Wiktoria Pagieła


Dorota Bednarczyk, Alicja Błażejewska, Patrycja Buczkowska, Ewa Bućko, Samuel Conejo Amaguana, Krzysztof Dolański, Julia Fedosova, Michał Krzepkowski, Idmal Kwidzińska, Bożena Lehmann, Karolina Lewandowska, Marta Moksa, Yulia Myroshnychenko, Paweł Neuman, Magdalena Odrowąż-Piramowicz, Małgorzata Olszewska, Izabela Paluch, Katarzyna Piętka, Radosław Piętka, Hamish Potts, Katarzyna Roskosz, Dominika Rossa, Aleksandra Rylska, Olha Shatkovskaya, Joanna Sienkiewicz, Małgorzata Sitko, Adrianna Stajewska, Samuel Steinborn, Anna Szczołek, Maria Szkatulska, Karolina Tetlak, Bartosz Walaszek, Anna Walaszek, Sylwia Witberg, Remigiusz Wojciechowski, Dominika Ziobro

Fig. Maciej Roszkowski





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