Olivia is always on a roll

Olivia Centre is an example of a business centre that goes far beyond the traditional approach to the customer. With a strong focus on innovation and flexibility, this dynamic workspace offers not only offices, but also an entire ecosystem that fosters business growth and success. At a time when competition in the job market is increasingly fierce, finding a way to motivate employees and keep them engaged has become extremely important to the success of an organization. Olivia Centre offers a range of sports and artistic activities, in which an increasing number of residents of the centre take part every year. The location of Olivia Centre on the Baltic Sea provides not only a wonderful view, but also a unique offer of cruises on the Bay of Gdańsk, dedicated to all members of the Olivia Centre community.


Olivia Yacht Club , as this is the name of the initiative, brings together not only experienced sailors, but also people who want to start their adventure with the sea in this way. You don’t have to be an employee of the Olivia Centre company to take part in the cruise, the organizers have also provided a pool of places for people without resident status. Cruises depart every Wednesday afternoon, usually from Marina Sopot. A place on the boat can be booked in the My Olivia app or on the oliviacentre.com website.


Beautiful views from the high floors of my office are not the only benefit of Olivia’s seaside location. All Residents can easily join the cruises on the Bay of Gdansk, individually or even with the whole team, or you can invite a loved one. Taking part in the cruise does not require any complicated preparations, you book a place, pay an attractive price, and then set off on an adventure from the port of Sopot. I recommend it to anyone who likes the sun on their face, wind in their hair and rocking on the sea waves. ­– says Maciej Zielonka, Function developing engineer at Sii Poland.


There are more satisfied sailors like Maciej Zielonka. Qualitative research conducted among Residents (employees of companies in Olivia Centre) at the end of 2022 indicates that attendance in offices is increasing on sports activity days. Despite the fact that hybrid work has recently gained in importance, we recorded 45% higher attendance in our buildings than in 2021 and the highest number of events in history organized at the Olivia Centre. This would not have been possible without Olivia’s community.


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