Guided walk: Oruń nooks and crannies

Date: 11.08.2022
Time: 17:15
Gdańsk Orunia, ul. News 2
10 zł - for residents
15 zł - for non-residents

Olivia Centre and Grupa Rekreacyjna 3miasto invite you to trips after work! It is addressed to all those who in the middle of the week, after 5:00 p.m., want to learn about the history of the town on the Motława River. We will meet on walks with a guide who reveals the secrets of Gdańsk districts. Each time we choose a different area so that you can get to know our beautiful city from different perspectives. During the next trip, we will see the beautifully decorated Oruń Park, full of colorful flowers, shrubs and trees. We will get to know its innermost nooks and crannies, as well as the hill towering over it, from which there is an interesting view of Żuławy Gdańskie. Further along the route, we will see two other, somewhat forgotten, but noteworthy historic parks. They are also accompanied by old tenement houses and buildings, including the smallest arcaded house, as well as the largest one called the Lion’s Court.


Hurry up, because the pool of tickets islimited.


Who is the route aimed at? How to prepare for a trip?

Trips and walks are aimed at all those who like active recreation in the bosom of nature and expanding their knowledge of the curiosities of the City of Gdańsk. Young people and children can take part in the hike under the care of their parents or legal guardians. Pets are also welcome.


How to dress, what to take?

Due to the fact that the walks are carried out in the evening, the only protection against the cold will be clothing appropriate to the weather. When discussing individual objects, we will probably be standing in the wind, so it is worth preparing for it properly. A light jacket and a neck warmer are probably the basis for sometimes cold evenings. Although a lot also depends on the thermals of our body.

Walking time: Max. 2.5 hours


Starting and ending point of the tour:

Gdańsk Orunia, ul. Nowiny 2, square in front of the manor house in the Oruński Park
>>> see location on google map


You can reach the meeting point:

  • by car: there are a lot of local parking lots nearby
  • by public transport in Gdańsk: bus lines 132, 189, 200, 205 / Przystanek Gościnna 02
  • meeting at 17:15 / attendance check / Departure at 17:30


Each participant of the hike



The tour is led by:

Wojtek Romejko, licensed guide in Gdańsk
Tel. +48 604 063 540



Max. Number of participants
Olivia Centre
Olivia's Communications Department
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