Where passion becomes a business project: the opening of the O4 space

Olivia Business Centre opens a new space — the O4 project — directed towards small companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises which search for a creative place supporting their business development and foreign expansion.

Passion, activity, business

The creation of innovative business which is needed on the market requires commitment, knowledge and a lot of positive thinking concerning the success of one’s own activities. In order to to tackle these challenges and to support passionate people who desire to change the world through new business projects with an aim to improve the quality of life, Olivia Business Centre has created an innovation development project — O4. From passion, through knowledge, contacts, relations and financing , to the development of talent and business on a global scale. This is how the history of O4 begins.

What is O4 and where is it located?

O4 is a project which offers unique values for companies and business projects at various stages of development. The O4 space is located on the ground and first floor of the Olivia Four building. On the ground floor, one may find a multimedia conference centre, a on the first floor — office spaces of various sizes, a coworking space and a social space. Aside from indicating a place, O4 (also called „Four”) additionally refers to the four pillars of the project’s programme, on which active operation is based. This means support in the following dimensions:

1) Financing
2) Internalisation
3) The „Smart Space” Offer
4) Creative Education

People and companies that decide to locate their activity here can count on support in establishing contacts and co-operation on a local, national and foreign scale, e.g. through setting up new companies and businesses, new opportunities for already existing businesses, exchanging experiences, searching for financing, co-operating science with business, education and the development of arts and design.

„We want for this new place, this new space, to offer a high quality programme for various age groups, including children, teenagers, people searching for development and inspiration, and those who want to gain a new profession or qualifications. This will be possible through involvement in the projects such as infoShare Academy, which we are launching right now,” Marta Moksa — the Director of the O4 project — talks about ideas for the space’s development.

Above all, O4 offers everyone a place to conduct business. It also wants to be a platform for meetings and a business ecosystem, which gathers and integrates people who create innovative entrepreneurship from the whole Tricity. Since the beginning of the year, many cyclical meetings were held at the conference centre, e.g. of the community 3camp.pl, family companies as well as a series of meetings, workshops and presentation lessons of an unconventional education facility — the Thinking Zone Middle High School. O4 also provides services, e.g. language lessons, tango and zumba lessons as well as an offer of financial support with the input of the LOT fund’s means

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