United by Sport in Olivia

For centuries, they have been saying „a healthy mind in a healthy body”, and we do not intend to challenge this truth. Therefore, last year, we started the Olivia Sports project, addressed to everyone working at the Olivia Business Centre. We want to integrate our community, i.a., by developing our shared passions, including passions for healthy lifestyle.

What do we propose this year? Almost everything that you would like to do together! We play football and volleyball (in summer in the beach version). We offer Nordic walking classes, professional cycling training and family „light” cycling trips.  You can also learn with us … to dance.  Our running trainer at the OBC, since we practice this sport together as well, is the most recognisable Polish extreme marathon runner, Piotr Suchenia, who has triumphed at both poles. The Team World Champion from Perth is a certified athletics coach and a popular blogger. He is very sociable and knows how to motivate people to act, which is one of the factors thanks to which the Olivia Team completed the Gdańsk Half Marathon route!

“We adapt our offer to the needs we’ve been informed about and, of course, to the seasons. In winter, we swim in cold water and climb, in the sailing season, from spring to autumn, we sail. You can get a sailing licence with us, go on a cruise or take part in a regatta. At present, together with Ring3city, we are preparing several dozen boxers to participate in the Charity White Collar Boxing Gala, which will take place in March in Olivia Star,” says Maciej Olszewski, Olivia Sports Project Manager.

What else is to come?

“We plan meetings with sports champions and specialists in dietetics and health. We also want to support our Residents in preparations for participation in selected sporting events, organise our own tournaments, and also plan group outings, e.g., for basketball matches,” adds Maciej Olszewski.  

Would you like to be up to date?

Please visit the calendar of events on the OBC website.  

We also provide details on all OBC and O4 Coworking social media channels, in Olivia’s newsletter, and on posters on screens and in elevators.

We are happy to answer your questions and find out what else you would like to do at Olivia. Write to: sport@oliviacentre.com

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