Together we can do more! Olivia Business Centre with help to citizens of Pomerania.

On Friday (18.08), representatives of Olivia Business Centre visited the areas in Pomerania which were affected by a natural disaster. It wasn’t an easy journey… We visited, among others, the Office of the Municipality of Chojnice, we talked with the inspector Adam Kuklewski and the director of community education unit, Bernadeta Zimnicka. Together we analysed the situation and residents’ needs and we made a decision to buy a power generator, canvas covers and saws, which already today will be presented to firefighters in Chojnice by Olivia Business Centre.

We also received a bank account number, from which the funds are distributed to people in need:

46 8162 0003 0000 1531 2000 0070 (please entitle the bank transfer in the following way: “POMOC DLA POSZKODOWANYCH PRZEZ NAWALNICE” [„HELP FOR STORM VICTIMS”]).

This is a valid bank account, from which money will be properly distributed and will surely help the residents, so you can pay any sum without any concerns.

However, the issue which requires long-term actions is helping a school in Silno. The school was destroyed – a major part of the roof was blown off and some of the rooms were flooded. Now, together with the Office of the Municipality of Chojnice, we are waiting for the valuation of damages and an information from the insurance company. Later on, we will determine to which extent we can take part in school reconstruction!

If your companies would like to join the action and help the school (for example by declaring financial support), please contact: razem@oliviacentre.com

Not only students (pre-school children and children from classes 1-3) benefit from the school, but also the local community. All the more, we want to help Silno regain one of the most crucial places for its residents.

Remember, together we can do more!

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