To me, freedom means… We invite you to participate in a competition!

“To me, freedom means…”

We invite you to participate in a competition marking the National Independence Day (Polish: Narodowe Święto Niepodległości)!

The 11th of November – the anniversary of Poland regaining its independence – is approaching. The Republic of Poland became free again after 123 years. Stefan Żeromski rightfully wrote: „My happiness is expressed by the word ‘freedom’”. The word “freedom” signifies the ability to decide about yourself, having options to choose from, respect. It means broad horizons and new opportunities. And knowledge, which we can broaden, as well as travels to every corner of the globe, thanks to which we are becoming better and wiser. It means people from around the world, whom we can meet, get to know, and from whom we can learn a lot. It means decisions, which we can make independently as well as responsibility for them. It means space for living and working. Latitude. Happiness.

We encourage you to tell us and show us what it means – to you, to us –to be free nowadays. How do we see, feel and perceive freedom?

Already on the 19th of October there starts our “To me, freedom means…” contest.

How can you participate?

  • Write, paint, draw, sing or play, take a photo or prepare a collage to show what freedom means to you. In other words, you can do an art project, prepare a photographic, written or multimedia work (in the case of audio/video recording your material should not exceed 120 seconds). For details, please see the Competition Rules and Regulations.
  • Send your work till the 3rd of November 2020 to olivia@oliviacentre.com. If your file exceeds 10 MB, we recommend using wetransfer.com.
  • Along with your work, please send us a few words about yourself and your photo. In Olivia Business Centre we will present both winning projects and their authors (for example on posters, screens, in our social media).
  • We invite whole families to participate in the competition!


Authors of the most interesting, inspiring projects will be rewarded. They will receive vouchers to a fancy restaurant TREINTA Y TRES on the 33rd floor of Olivia Star worth 500 PLN each. 6 vouchers are waiting for you!

Between 9th and 22nd of November 2020, the competition winners will be selected and the best works will be presented in Olivia’s communication channels.

The most important deadlines worth remembering

  • 19.10.2020 -3.11.2020 – submitting competition works
  • 4.11.2020 – jury selects six contest winners
  • 9.11.2020 – 10.11.2020 – individual prize giving
  • 9.11.2020-22.11.2020 – presentation of winning projects and winners in Olivia’s social media, as well as on posters and screens in our business centre.

The main, strategic partner of the competition is: Energa from ORLEN Group.

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