The Summer Tennis League of the Olivia Business Centre is just about to start

With the beginning of the summer holidays, the Residents of the Olivia Business Centre will have an opportunity to try their skills in a new discipline apart from futsal, volleyball and sailing – tennis. We invite everybody to rival and have fun, irrespective of their skills. The tennis league is organised by a Resident of the Olivia Business Centre – GP Speed.


No matter if you are an advanced player or you take a tennis rocket in your hand for the first time. No matter if you are a woman or a man, a student or a senior. Everybody can try their skills in the Olivia Sports league. The first four players will get special prizes!


What to do to participate in the tennis league at the Olivia Business Centre?

Just fill in the enrolment form and send it to: liga@golftennis.pl.


Is there a fee to participate in the tennis league?

Yes, the entry fee is PLN 150 to be paid before the first match.


The tennis league will last until the end of September and you may join during the tournament.


An exact allocation to groups will be sent to each player when all enrolments have been received.


You can find more information in the regulations of the league which can also be found on Facebook. Please review the regulations carefully. Any questions should be sent to: liga@golftennis.pl or you may call: +48 736 333 511.




The tennis league of the Olivia Business Centre is organised by GP Speed Sp. z o.o.

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