The first CityFit club in Gdańsk invites to open days

cityfitOn 8 April at midnight the first fitness club in northern Poland of the national CityFit network will open. The club located in the Olivia Business Centre stands out with its comfortable space arrangement, modern equipment, great atmosphere, availability round the clock and an attractive price of passes. The offer of the club may be tried free of charge during the open days that will start on 1 April.

Spring is the time when we wake up from the winter laziness and we are willing to get involved in physical activity. The needs of all those who plan “spring activation” are covered by the new fitness club of the renowned CityFit network to be opened soon in Gdańsk.



User friendly, available

The club is located at the Olivia Business Centre (Aleja Grunwaldzka 472 D, Olivia Six building) and covers the area of as many as 2210 square metres. The interior has been designed to provide for full comfort of the exercising people. Apart from the vast space for individual exercises (divided into 7 activity zones and provided with the prestigious equipment by TechnoGym and accessories by Escape Fitness), we will find a spacious room for group fitness exercises with the loudspeaking equipment by Bose, comfortable change rooms and numerous facilities like: fountains with free filtered water or vending machines with beverages and healthy snacks.

The club will be accessible round the clock, 7 days a week; club members do not have to bother about their club cards as they enter using their fingerprint.


With pleasure and no obligations

It is the mission of CityFit to offer top quality of services on most favourable terms. The people who decide to buy membership in the pre-sale offer that is now available will pay only PLN 69 per month (with a guarantee of a fixed price throughout the time they use the club). Additionally, the club does not require long-term contracts and the membership can be suspended at any time (e.g. for holidays). Additionally, should anybody change their mind and wishes to resign from the membership, the money will be refunded.

Those who have not made up their minds yet may test the club free of charge during the open days that are now under way. By 8 April the CityFit club in Gdańsk is available to all those who want to see the interior and exercise – with no fees.


“We invite both employees of the Olivia Business Centre and people from the outside. No matter if you exercise regularly or a visit with us will be your first contact with physical activity in a very long time, we will make sure that you feel comfortable. I encourage you to test for yourselves how sports contribute to the improvement of your sense of well-being and appearance as well as to your performance at work and the overall quality of life,” says Mariusz Roguski, the club manager.


Location: Olivia Business Centre, Gdańsk, al. Grunwaldzka 472 D, Olivia Six building.

Official club opening: midnight 8 April 2016.

Free open days: 1-8 April between 1 pm and 9 pm

More information: http://cityfit.pl/pl/klub/gdansk




  • Surface area: 2210 square metres
  • Number of exercising devices: over 60 cardio and 130 strength devices, including:
  • dumb-bells up to 52 kg
  • 24 running tracks
  • 8 elliptical simulators
  • 2 innovatory stair simulators
  • 8-position multi-functional gate
  • 5 Olympic benches
  • 1 Olympic half rack
  • Opening hours: 24h/day, 7 days a week


  • Use of the club during the open days: PLN 0
  • Pass price in pre-sale: PLN 69 / month
  • Pass price in regular sale: PLN 79 / month
  • Entry fee: in the pre-sale period PLN 0, after opening PLN 39.99



CityFit is a national network of innovative fitness clubs, opened 24h/day, 7 days a week. Its mission is to offer the club members a full comfort of exercising at an attractive price and without a need to get committed to long-term contracts. www.cityfit.pl


Media contact:

Karolina Bałaban

CityFit press office


504 099 936

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