Support the crowdfunding action of the Thinking Zone middle school!

The Thinking Zone middle school operating in Olivia Business Centre has an unconventional crowdfunding action. A campaign promoting the “Gra o…” (A game of…) project has just started. Everybody who wants to help fund superb courses for the winners… of a city game can do it by donating any amount on behalf of the project.

Have a look here:  https://polakpotrafi.pl/projekt/gra-o. You will find the entire information about the idea our middle school students had. A short summary below…

The Thinking Zone crowdfunding action has three basic goals:

  1. to show that education can look differently, can be practical and interesting,
  2. to offer an access to alternative forms of education (workshops, courses and trainings) for young people who cannot afford it for various reasons,
  3. to show that nothing is impossible and a group of middle school students is able to create a well-conceived, complete and interesting project. 

Students want to collect 18.000 PLN in a month and exchange it for 30 (or more!) complete training courses in the fields of Self-Presentation, Psychology of the Internet, the Japanese language, Drawing Workshop, Effective Communication and a few others. To whom will the training be offered? To those who get the best score in the Thinking Zone city game shortly after the end of the crowdfunding campaign.  Students created a map with 6 districts of Gdańsk including 72 questions and tasks for which participants will gain points. At the end, they will create a list of people with the greatest number of points. The participants will be able to exchange these points for courses, trainings and workshops in the Center of Thinking.

A few hours of fun on the second Sunday of January 2018 =  a 3-month course on a chosen, interesting subject! All those interested are invited to the game: children, young people and entire families!

As the students say:  “Oh yes… what game is it? Answer questions relating to business, science or art in our city game. Play for the development, the future or great fun! Win attractive courses such as Psychology of the Internet, the Japanese language or Self-Presentation and the Art of Public Speaking. We would like to show that everyone can help develop new talents. Your contribution will be an inspiration to show people that the young generation can create large, innovative projects. We will be very active for the next month! Become a part of our educational project and help others discover their passions!

WE INVITE YOU TO SUPPORT THE CROWDFUNDING. SEE DETAILS HERE:  https://polakpotrafi.pl/projekt/gra-o?utm_source=search

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