Steer for happiness. A meeting with Marek Kamiński

“Discovering geographical poles, travelling through the desert, crossing the ocean are a fascinating and dangerous path, which made it possible for me to discover the “Pole Method” – the art of discovering yourself and achieving your goals. Don’t be afraid, this is not an academic lecture, I don’t want to persuade you to anything or preach. I would just like to share my experience and encourage you to improve yourself, which is not less fascinating than an expedition to the outermost places in the world. I believe that the method and exercises created by Joanna Heidtman, a psychologist, which were described in the book, will open the doors and will be the first step in your journey into yourself. New doors mean a new path and new opportunities and every journey begins with a first step” –

Marek Kamiński

The strength of synergy and the art of building relations are two keystones of creating Olivia Business Centre’s community. One of our goals is to show that Olivia is a place of development for many people and that it is always the bilateral exchange of ideas and experiences – on the part of participants of our meeting and on the part of invited experts.

The guest of “Steer for happiness. The “Pole Method” in life and business” event, which was held in Olivia Sky Club, was recently Marek Kamiński; a charismatic leader, traveller, philosopher and an outstanding personality in the world of sport and business, who in July 2017 chose Olivia as his foundation’s headquarters. In the conversation held by Monika Bogdanowicz (Olivia Business Centre), Marek Kamiński shared his experience gathered during numerous expeditions and trips, which took him to the outermost places in the world. He talked, for example, about the need and possibility to consciously create the feeling of happiness both in professional and personal life. 

You can create such a feeling, for example, by consistent application of simple techniques of meditation, inner conversation with yourself and so-called notes of thoughts – which should be prepared every day in the morning, just after waking up. He presented, on his own example, the ways of fulfilling new plans and goals. He made people in Olivia familiar with his latest project called “Life plan” and “No Trace Expedition” trip. The latter is an innovative project, which promotes the idea of conscious travelling, also into yourself, without leaving traces in natural environment. Its implementation is planned for March-June 2018. The route – 20 thousand kilometres – will run through Kaliningrad, Belarus, Russia, Siberia, South Korea, as far as to Japan. The aim of the expedition is, among other things, to show that you can travel by an electric car long and difficult distances and at the same time influence the surrounding world in a positive way, without leaving the traces of human presence. This idea connects with an innovative “Leave Trail” approach, behind which there lies leaving trails, but not in the natural world – in people’s minds.

During the event, there were presented also the elements of development programmes implemented by Marek Kamiński Foundation, which support different social and professional groups, including managers and companies’ management staffs. Of course, authorial “Pole Method” by Kamiński was among them. It concentrates on achieving goals, supporting development and preventing motivation loss. It consists of 10 steps and leads, among other things, to getting to know your own self. It is based on dreams because they are the key to determining your own Pole. The “Pole Method” was described in a book entitled “Odkryj, że biegun nosisz w sobie” and it uses, for example, visualisation and physical exercises.

It is successfully used during Camps for the Poles Conquerors organised by Marek Kamiński Foundation. However, it can be used at every level of our lives and involve both personal and professional goals. It becomes a multidimensional and fascinating journey, which aim is to give our lives a unique value. Soft skills, which can be acquired using this method, become useful in our everyday life, at its every stage.

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