Spring Professional – a new recruitment company at Olivia Business Centre in Gdańsk, Poland

After two years of preparations, a new permanent recruitment company commenced business in Poland in July this year. It focuses on six industry specializations and, in addition to their in-depth knowledge of the specificity of various industries and recruitment, its consultants go beyond the fixed rules when searching for specialists on the labour market. Additionally, the company is going to take advantage of the international experience of the Adecco Group it is a part of. In March this year, Spring Professional joined the group of residents of the prestigious Olivia Business Centre in Gdańsk, Poland.


“We are experts in linking specialists to professionals. After one year of activity, we have already developed three specialisations: Engineering, Finance and Sales and Marketing, which respond to the needs of our Pomeranian market. Our customers include production and trade facilities, design studios, BPO and SSC service centres as well as investors commencing their investments in our region and also start-ups. We focus on highly specialist positions demanding complex competencies, which require our non-standard recruitment activities”, said Marzena Miler-Kosewska, Manager in Spring Professional Poland.


The labour market is very changeable. The same applies to recruitment services and HR solutions. In addition to the recruitment experience and sales orientation, Spring Professional consultants also have an industry specialisation. This model has been worked out by branches of the company worldwide. Spring Professional Poland currently focuses on six specialisations in Poland: finances, sales and marketing, engineering, real estate and construction, logistics and pharmacy. An additional market characteristic being a competitive edge of the company is the creativity of consultants and their ability to go beyond the fixed rules when searching for candidates. The company currently has dedicated offices in five cities: Warsaw, Katowice, Poznań, Wrocław and Gdańsk.


The assumption of the Olivia Business Centre is the maximum facilitation of the ongoing activity and development for companies present in our business area. Some of the components necessary for that purpose include skilled managers managing processes and controlling the work of teams. The employment of an appropriate person on a managerial position entails a specialist recruitment process. We believe that Spring Professional will be a valuable support for our Residents in this area”, said Agnieszka Zglinicka, Project Director in the Olivia Business Centre. 


Spring Professional Poland is a part of the Adecco Group. The first branches of Spring Professional worldwide emerged in Hong Kong and Singapore in 2013. There are 16 of them now, including the one in Poland. The company is going to have 29 branches worldwide by 2018. Last year, Spring recruited more than 36 thousand specialists for its customers.


The variety and multi-functionality including, among others, recruitment support for residents, have always been one of the key assumptions of the Olivia Business Centre in Gdańsk. At present, there are 10 entities (commercial and related to the local government) specializing in human resources that operate in this largest Tricity business centre. They cooperate with global corporations, companies from the SME sector, start-ups, self-government organizations and NGOs – more than 100 enterprises and institutions located in the OBC.



Additional info can be obtained from:

Krzysztof Zajkowski, Spring Professional Poland, phone: 22 376 09 28, krzysztof.zajkowski@springpoland.com

Adam Sanocki, Attention Marketing, phone: 605 561 861, a.sanocki@attentionmarketing.pl

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