Sii wins new international projects

Sii Poland strengthens its position in the global IT market. It implements its strategy by acquiring new international projects. So far, the company has cooperated with clients from the US, Western Europe, and China. Sii recently started cooperation with companies from Japan and Canada.

Business report increasing demand for new IT solutions, places high demands on IT service providers expecting to meet the international standards in the project’s implementation, that is why global players decide to cooperate with experienced partners who employ technical experts. Companies that specialize in software development, such as Sii, put their attention to good processes management and continuous monitoring of technological trends.

In response to the demand from international corporations – Sii centralized its knowledge and years of experience in the IT industry by creating nine competence centers, the so–called Practices. Those centers support all branches of the company in the implementation of project activities and specialize in specific technology areas such as: Application Development, Front–end and Web development, Testing, BPM, CRM, ERP, Service Desk, Infrastructure and Engineering.

– Among almost 500 engineers in Gdansk altogether, we have around 30 experienced and prominent developers, analysts and system architects who represent Digital Practice that covers an area of production and the development of web and mobile applications – says Michael Desmurs, Director of Sii Gdańsk. Sii Staff in various creations use technologies such as: Xamarin, Vaadin, Adobe Experience Manager Symfony2, Magento, cloud solutions (AWS S3 Bucket, Azure), native languages for mobile devices, and more. The result of Digital Practice and Gdansk branch of Sii cooperation is a project for a Japanese customer in the industrial sector, which employs more than 25, 000 people in the world and carries out research into the latest solutions for the energy industry.adds Dariusz Adamowski, Sii Practice Manager.

– Apart from the creation of competence centers – what distinguishes Sii on foreign markets and determines the competitiveness of the company is to carry out complex projects that go far beyond the standard outsourcing. Sii implements projects in various models of cooperation tailored to the customers’ needs. An example is the implementation of the project in “team leasing” model for one of the largest financial corporations in the world, listed in New York stock exchanges. A team of Sii experts is responsible for the development of IT systems designed to serve customers in the process of granting loans, money transfers, or valuating material assets and valuables.says Beata Kasprzyk, Business Manager of Sii Gdansk.

The team includes engineers with a very good knowledge of Microsoft solutions – C #, .NET, ASP.NET MVC, who are continuously eager to expand their knowledge about new tools. This is a chance for them to develop specialized career paths from programmer to the systems architect. At the same time the opportunity to acquire new skills in the area of the latest IT solutions from the financial industry and science work in a mature agile team. In most cases Sii works based on agile methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban and Lean. Through the use of technology trends and attention to quality Sii acquired a new partner – a Canadian customer.

What in addition to the technology stands behind the success of the company? Innovation. International business requires openness, flexibility and agility. All of that is needed in order to efficiently realize business goals – says Michael Desmurs. The second largest IT employer in Pomerania increases employment and is looking for experienced professionals for new projects in the area: .NET, C #, ASP.NET, Xamarin, SharePoint, Java, manual and automated tests. Sii, which soon will celebrate 10 years in Poland, employs more than 2,000 engineers.

 Sii Gdansk is a Resident of Olivia Business Centre, the biggest and most modern office complex in Poland excluding Warsaw. Sii office is in Olivia Tower building

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