Second edition of the “Work out the Future” project

We invite you to participate in the “Work out the Future” project, organised by the City of Gdańsk. Our Resident – Talent Development Centre is the partner in the project. The objective is to support the participants (students, university graduates, adult secondary technical school students) in gaining professional experience that may help them find a first job and stay in the local labour market, as well as to support companies looking for trainees or future employees.

The project is aimed at students and university graduates as well as adult secondary technical school students and graduates of such schools.  Internships are to be sponsored by companies, NGOs and other institutions who will undertake to accept trainees and pay them remuneration at the minimum level specified in the project regulations.

The project may be joined at any time throughout its duration. The sponsors may offer internships latest by 14 July 2017 while candidates may file their applications latest by  28 July 2017. The duration of the internship and form of employment will be individually agreed between the sponsor and trainee. The internship should last minimum 1 month.

The full text of the applicable regulations and participation enrolment form can be found on the  project site.

The “Work out the Future” project has gained much interest among participants as well as companies and entrepreneurs. In the first edition 108 internships were offered with 424 willing participants.


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