Safe, innovative Olivia

Olivia Business Center, the largest business and office center in Poland, has secured the space in its office buildings with an anti-virus and anti-bacterial coating with titanium dioxide nanoparticles. The coating, developed by the Polish company Lumichem and scientists from the Jagiellonian University, destroys microorganisms, including the human coronavirus, when exposed to light. This solution was used in all nine office buildings in the Olivia complex.

Olivia Business Center is 175 thousand. sq m office space, which is currently used by almost 200 companies. Despite the changes caused by the pandemic, it is a workplace for thousands of people from the Tri-City and its vicinity. A coating called TitanSolid, which has been applied to frequently touched surfaces, significantly reduces the risk of the spread of harmful microbes, including the coronavirus responsible for the current pandemic.

– From the beginning of the pandemic, we treat the safety of residents as an absolute priority – says Konrad Danecki from the Olivia Business Center Investor’s Supervision. – The TitanSold coating is one of the innovative solutions implemented in our buildings, which ensures safe return and use of offices in a space free from viruses, bacteria or allergens, while ensuring ecological, fresh and healthy air – adds Konrad Danecki.

– The coating with disinfecting properties has been applied to elevators, handrails, and points of contact, i.e. switches and buttons. The furniture in the common areas and reception areas were also secured in the same way. Now all these places are cleaned on an ongoing basis, whenever light falls on the surface with TitanSolid – artificial or natural. Unlike normal disinfection, which only works until the first touch. The TitanSolid coating in a continuous system removes all viruses, bacteria, molds and fungi, which has been confirmed by tests. The latest test, performed by an independent laboratory in London, also proved the effectiveness of the coating in removing the human coronavirus – explains Bartosz Sosnowski, member of the Lumichem board.

TitanSolid is in the form of a suspension that can be sprayed onto any surface – walls, electronic equipment, furniture, floors etc. – under the influence of light, it starts the oxidation process, turning microorganisms into carbon dioxide, water and simple inorganic ions. It works not only on the surface, but also cleans the air.

– TitanSolid by Lumichem eliminates viruses, bacteria and their spores, and – what is extremely important – stops the multiplication of microorganisms on utility surfaces, but also eliminates volatile organic compounds, mold and fungi. The shield also remains active for a minimum of one year. Thanks to the above unique features, TitanSolid is increasingly recognized as an effective protection of office space and office buildings in our country – explains Mikołaj Laskowski, Director of the Office Space Leasing Department at BNP Paribas Real Estate Poland, Lumichem’s ground floor promoting them in the area of ​​commercial office real estate.



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