Results of the Great Christmas Decoration Contest

We would like to thank all participants in the contest for their commitment and creativity. 

We are happy to announce the winners of the 2nd edition of the Christmas Decoration Contest


1st place – KOKU Sushi

koku2Comments of the jury:

Tradition full on – tasty classic gingerbread with fantastic decorations made of icing.  Icing crocheting like on snow white holiday tablecloths made with the precision of a 3D printer. 






2nd place – Epam

epamComments of the jury:

The decoration that fully conveys the essence of the holiday, i.e. the birth of Jesus. A beautiful accent of the nativity scene surrounded by the natural green of the moss and icy branches creates a harmoniously coloured whole.






3rd place – HK Finance

hkComments of the jury:

So much joy, optimism, freshness and colour on one ball! A simple and beautiful material, the tissue paper, refers to traditional folk decorations that used to be made of it.







Companies such as Sii and Energa also deserve special distinction as they prepared so many decorations that Christmas trees in the Olivia Tower almost struggle under their weight! 🙂 Thank you very much for your passion and energy. 

A few dozen decorations made by our Residents and by the children from the Biały Kotek kindergarten can be seen in reception halls. Just like last year, contest decorations will be stored to decorate Christmas trees of our centre in the years to come.

The winners will soon be informed of the date and place of the prize reception. Congratulations! 

See all the contest decorations

We would like to thank the Talent Development Centre, Competence Call Center, Energa, Epam, Hays, HK Finance, Job Office, Koko Sushi, Biały Kotek Kindergarten, Randstad, Sii and Starbucks.


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