Recruitment for a Java course at the infoShare Academy is under way – it starts on 3 December!

Java Developer is one of the most demanded programmer profiles in the IT market.  If you can program in C, C++, Python, PHP, Perl, JavaScript or another language and you would like to become a Java Developer – join us! On 3 December a Java course starts at the infoShare Academy.


What you are going to learn at the course: 

  • you will learn about the core programming tools used in a programmer’s daily work 
  • you will learn programming in Java in the Standard version  
  • you will learn about the core elements of the Java platform in the Enterprise version and the Hibernate framework 
  • you will apply TDD, the technique to develop applications ensuring automatic testing  
  • you will understand the need and practical advantages of code refactoring  
  • you will learn to effectively use the control system of the GIT version  
  • you will understand the value of code reviews  
  • you will learn how to correctly secure web applications  
  • you will learn to effectively use the continuous integration environment  
  • you will understand the meaning of core UML diagrams and project templates
  • you will correctly define and implement API on the Java platform  
  • you will learn to work in Scrum, a popular methodology of smart software development


The course will be held on 3.12.16 – 25.06.2017. The classes will be held at the Olivia Four (O4) building on weekends, between 8 am and 2 pm. 

Details and applications are available at  website or at kontakt@infoshareacedmy.com


Become a Java Ninja – we are waiting for you!

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