Pomerania Development Agency is closer to entrepreneurs at Olivia Business Centre in Gdansk

The Pomerania Development Agency has moved its office to Olivia Business Centre in Gdansk, the biggest office project in Poland. The Agency enhances development in Pomerania by offering its services to entrepreneurs, business circle’s institution and local authorities.

„When we were choosing the new seat, we thought mainly about implementing our goals. We want to be close to entrepreneurs and their affairs. Our new place provides good conditions for meeting both with people who start their own businesses and investors from Poland and abroad. We can organise here trainings and, together with Olivia Business Centre, big events such as a conference on our current projects and proposals for companies as far as European funds are concerned, which is now being organised,” says Łukasz Żelewski, the president of the Pomerania Development Agency.

The Pomerania Development Agency enables Pomeranian companies to obtain and make use of EU subsidies, for example through announcing competitions, verifying projects and paying out granted subsidies. The Agency obtains EU funds for the implementation of projects which are directed towards entrepreneurs and business circle’s institutions operating in many sectors, inter alia: ICT, biotechnology, robotics, medicine, building industry and film industry. A big part of the Agency’s activity consists of trainings which are directed mainly towards medium and small enterprises.

„Moving the seat of the Pomerania Development Agency to Olivia Six is a milestone of the 'Olivia Business Centre’ project.” Our centre is a place where entrepreneurs, investors and agencies of local authorities work together for the benefit of Pomerania. If we add to this an active cooperation with institutions of higher education and job trainings, we get a Gdansk business City, which is full of life and operates with a benefit to not only Pomerania, but the whole Poland,” says Maciej Grabski, the president and investor of Olivia Business Centre.

The Agency also coordinates an initiative entitled Invest in Pomerania, which was established to promote Pomerania economically and to handle foreign investments. It was created by local authorities, special economic zones and regional development agencies. 5 years of its activity have resulted in 55 completed investment projects and 8665 new jobs in the region. Invest in Pomerania offers a wide support to investors who are interested in an economic activity in the Pomerania province, both during the investment process as well as a comprehensive pro-investment support.

„Similarly to what the Pomerania Development Agency does, we also actively support our tenants. We provide them best conditions for everyday work and facilitate establishing new contacts,” says Agnieszka Zglinicka, the projector director who is responsible for the SME[1] sector at Olivia Business Centre. „Small and medium enterprises and start-ups, which are strongly supported by the Agency, are an important part of Olivia Business Centre.By moving their offices into our centre, they’re guaranteed to have best conditions for their development.”


About the Pomerania Development Agency

The Pomerania Development Agency was established in 1992. It is an institution which determines entrepreneurship support standards in Pomerania and a major partner of local authorities in enhancing regional development. For more than twenty years, it has been helping Pomeranian entrepreneurs to obtain and make use of European Funds. It handles EU subsidy programmes, initiates economic ventures of various types, operates Investors’ Care Centre, coordinates the Invest in Pomerania initiative, manages the Capital Fund which invests in innovative ideas, and offers a wide range of information, training and consulting services which are directed towards small and medium enterprises and start-ups. The high quality of provided services is confirmed by numerous certificates, e.g. ISO 9001 issued by the Ministry of Economy, a registration in the National System of Sevices and other appropriate accreditations.


The new office of the Pomerania Development Agency

The new office of the Pomerania Development Agency has an area of 1600 square metres and is located on the 12th and 13th floors of Olivia Six, which is the biggest building of the centre. The office is open Mondays-Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The design was prepared in Olivia Business Centre’s own design studio.

Guests will find a presentable and elegant reception area with a waiting room and comfortable armchairs on the 12th floor. The secretariat and the Agency’s Board are situated on the 13th floor. The Agency’s departments are located in particular parts of the office. These departments are: The EU Funds Information Point, Invest in Pomerania, Entrepreneurship Development Department, Regional Financing Institution.

The new office of the Agency was designed in a corridor style. Multiple glazed elements were employed in the office, thanks to which daylight can enter inside the rooms despite numerous divisions. The spacious office rooms are designed for approximately 150 people.


About Olivia Six

Olivia Six is a slim, glazed, 18-floor (15 aboveground floors + 3 underground floors) solid with the most modern façade built in a triple glazed system, which meets the EU requirements for 2021. This reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs, similarly as air handling units equipped with heat pumps, green roof enabling water retention and using rainwater for watering greenery. The building has obtained an environmental certificate BREEAM Excellent with the highest rating in the region.

The building provides over 17,000 square metres of office area for lease. The main hall was constructed in a form of a big chessboard from black and milk-white stone. A designer lobby has a character of an English club’s library and is accessible to everyone. Olivia Six provides a big number of underground parking places and free of charge parking places for cyclists as well as changing rooms with showers.

To minimise the infiltration of interiors by the sun, glass vertical blades were installed on main façades. These blades look differently during various times of a day thanks to being illuminated at different angles. At night, the blades are backlit in different colours by LED systems. As a result, the façade „is alive” 24/7.


About Olivia Business Centre

Olivia Business Centre is the biggest and most modern office and business centre in the region. Its ultimate area will amount to 170,000 square metres, which means that Olivia Business Centre will become the biggest office complex in Poland. Companies such as Alior Bank, Allianz, Amazon, Bayer, Energa, Noble Bank, PKO BP, PwC, Sii and ThyssenKrupp opened their offices here. The Centre has been systematically expanding since 2010 at the rate of one building per year. Olivia Business Centre offers however much more than just buildings. Business, educational, cultural and sports events are regularly held here. The following services are at the Residents’ disposal: 3 conference rooms, medical centre with pharmacy, 3 restaurants, Starbucks café, kindergarten and nursery, 4 banks, modern middle school, beauty salon, notary, point for charging electrical cars and 04, the biggest business incubator in Poland. The Centre has over 1600 parking places, over 200 bicycle racks and 5 changing rooms with showers. A two-floor fitness studio CityFit will be opened next year.

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