Passion puts a smile on your face. About a boy who wants to do more

Searching, as well as continuous development of passion is a very important issue in every person’s life. If we follow our passion, we can live fuller, wiser and, for sure, more interesting life. However, to see the effects of such actions, you need to start in a right way and as soon as possible. That is why, we would like to tell you about a boy, whose engagement prepossessed us so much, that we decided to introduce him to our entire Olivia Business Centre community.

This story begins many months ago, when, among the audience of Olivia Camerata chamber music, we met a 13-year old boy. He, without any help, found information about the possibility to participate in the event, he registered via e-mail (nowadays it is much easier than in the past :)) and… appeared in Olivia Sky Club. Seemingly, ordinary behaviour, but – taking into account the fact that information on Camerata’s concerts is published on selected websites and our hero is only 13 – we should appreciate both the fact that he reached it, as well as that finding the announcement at the right time and in the right place (which is rarely visited by teenagers) helped match many elements 😉

This way, Mateusz Chaj (because he is the hero of this story) became a regular participant of events, meetings and conferences organised in Olivia Business Centre. Since admission to the majority of them is free (although registration is required), there is no age limit. That is why, Mateusz took an active part in such projects as Olivia Cooltura’s meetings with Marek Kamiński and Maciej Kosycarz or Jagiellonian Club, during which the role and meaning of the cooperation between Gdańsk and Scandinavian countries were discussed. It is a broad and diversified range of topics and activities, taking into account both the age of our hero and his basic activities at school. If we add also signing up to OBC team and cycling for Gdańsk as part of “Cycle in May”, we have a nearly complete picture of Mateusz – a person with many passions.

We decided to appreciate and distinguish Mateusz’s incredible involvement in the development of our community also because we think that proactive attitude is one of the most important attributes of everyone who wants to create their future successfully.  We are also very glad that Mateusz’s family accepted our invitation to Olivia Business Centre and that we could get to know better the boy, for whom openness and curiosity about the world are a standard and who wants to and can bravely enjoy the surrounding world (what is more he covered for us nearly 560 kilometres) 🙂

This is what Mateusz said about Olivia Business Centre during our meeting: – I like this place. I like it for many interesting events in which I can participate. I began with concerts of classical music. I also participate in meetings with famous people in Sky Club. I am always very curious about what they are going to say and Olivia Business Centre even gives me a chance to talk to them. Maybe one day I will be working here. Besides, I expected that Olivia Business Centre will be the best in terms of kilometres covered. Anyway, we achieved good results. I hope that next year they will be better – he added with smile on his face.

We want Olivia Business Centre to be a friendly meeting place for different environments and people. That is why, we are trying to create optimal conditions for personal and professional development, as well as to support people in creating new activities or developing their passions. Our events, meetings, conferences (several hundred a year!) are addressed not only to Olivia’s employees, but also all Tricity residents. The example of Mateusz can be for sure an inspiration for everyone, who is looking for ways and conceptions of how to develop their potential and talents.

– It is very motivating for us that such a young boy, Mateusz who is now fourteen, even now puts a lot of hope in pursuing his career in Olivia. We don’t know what his life will look like and which choices he will make, but we have noticed and decided to recognise his today’s involvement, passion, openness and continuing determination to learn. He is a unique young person. Mateusz loves cycling, that is why we presented him with a new bike – says Monika Bogdanowicz from Olivia Business Centre, who is responsible, among other things, for CSR area in the company.

– Our entire family was invited to Olivia Business Centre. It was a great astonishment and a huge surprise for us! Mateusz has always been interested in many unobvious subjects and has always taken part in various near and far expeditions and trips. I am glad that his passion for meeting interesting people and cycling has been noticed and distinguished with such a beautiful gift. I think that he will be cycling with confidence that it is worth doing more. For yourself and others – adds Małgorzata Chaj, Mateusz’s mother.

See the photo gallery from the meeting:

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