Olivia Business Centre welcomes You at infoShare!

It could not have been any different. Olivia Business Centre, the most dynamic business hub in Poland, aiming at new technologies, supporting interesting initiatives, believing in the strength of startups and unconventional ideas, is a patron of infoShare – the largest conference in Middle-East Europe concentrating on technology, new media and support for young companies.

This years’ infoShare (at Amber Expo in Gdańsk – 17th -19th May) is 100 speakers from all over the world, a couple of parallel subject matters, numerous workshops, around 5000 participants and Startup Contest.

For the first time in the history of infoShare, a special stage dedicated to marketing issues, is waiting for the guests. On May 17, the best of the best will share their knowledge with the participants and will reveal secrets concerning content marketing, personal branding, virtual reality and its communicational benefits. They will also tell us how to successfully reach the contemporary customer as well as about the trends in modern sales and its relation with the content.

For more details please visit conferences site.

Meanwhile… we would like to invite all of the Participants to come the garden of Olivia Business Centre in Amber Expo hall during infoShare (the one on the patio is still under construction, but you will be able to grasp the idea of it on 17 May). You will find us for sure 🙂  Let the: good energy, positive attitude and force (of attractions) lead you!

We ensure

  • the place for rest, networking,
  • exchanging fun facts and impressions,
  • good drinks,
  • some games (new and old but the best!)
  • positive vibes.

You will also see who creates our Olivia Business Centre.


More at the spot! YOU ARE WELCOME! 🙂

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