Olivia Six is Excellent!

Olivia Six, the newest office building of Olivia Business Centre in Gdansk, has received an environmental certificate BREEAM with a very high „Excellent” rating. Experts assessed the adherence to rules of sustained construction, which means creating buildings that are environmentally friendly. Olivia Six is the second Olivia Business Centre building rated „Excellent”.

BREEAM  is a popular system for assessing the quality of buildings with respect to i.a. energetic efficiency, inside environment’s quality, standards of construction process, type of materials used, accessibility in terms of transport. Points are awarded in ten main categories: energy, materials, waste, pollution, health and  well-being, water, transport, area development and ecology, management, innovations. Excellent is the second highest rating of the BREEAM certification system. Inter alia 300-metre-high The Shard, the biggest and most modern building in London, was awarded this rating as well.

„The Olivia Six building has obtained the Breeam Excellent rating because of the most modern technical solutions, materials of high quality and advanced systems which allow for a full control over the building during its use. Moreover, this certification process assesses also the way of carrying out a construction. We’ve achieved such a high result thanks to i.a. managing the construction process in such a way as to take into account stringent environmental requirements and recycling of construction materials,” says Jerzy Oskroba, the construction director of Olivia Business Centre.

The high result that we achieved was possible due to i.a. carrying out consultations with people and conducting special acoustic and  thermal examinations. Aspects such as extended infrastructure for cyclists (parking lots, access roads to the garage, changing rooms with showers) and the proximity of public transport stops were also taken into account. The BREEAM certificate is awarded on a basis of a report prepared by a licensed assessor, who takes into account during certification the specifics of a particular region and local practices.

„Olivia Six 's result is approximately 75,10%. It means that the office block is among 11 highest rated buildings in Poland which have a BREEAM certification. In Gdansk, it is of course ranked first. It is important to rememer that BREEAM is the dominant certification system in Poland. Approximately 80% of all buildings in Poland are certified in accordance with the BREEAM system, which means that investors and developers trust this certification the most. What’s more, its criteria were made more stringent in 2013 and since then achieving a high result has been much more difficult”,  says  Maciej Kotarski, who is responsible for Olivia Business Centre’s commercialisation.

It is worth stressing that only one office block in Poland obtained the highest „Outstanding” rating and with a minimum number of points. Moreover, it was a project that had been oriented towards meeting BREEAM criteria from the start. Achieving the highest rating of the BREEAM system is thus much more difficult than achieving  such a rating in the second most popular certification system in Poland, which is LEED. The highest rating „LEED Platinum” has been already awarded to 10 office blocks in Poland.

About Olivia Six
Olivia Six is a slim, glazed, 18-floor (15 aboveground floors + 3 underground floors) solid with the most modern façade built in a triple glazed system, which meets the EU requirements for 2021.This reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs, similarly as air handling units equipped with heat pumps, green roof enabling water retention and using rainwater for watering greenery.

The office block provides more than 17,000 square metres of office space for lease. The main hall was constructed in a form of a big chessboard from black and milk-white stone. A designer lobby has a character of an English club’s library and is accessible to everyone. Olivia Six provides a big number of underground parking places and free of charge parking places for cyclists as well as changing rooms with showers. The building has obtained the  BREEAM Excellent certificate.

To minimise the infiltration of  interiors by the sun, glass vertical blades were installed on main façades. These blades look differently during various times of a day thanks to being illuminated at different angles. At night,  the blades are backlit in different colours by LED systems. As a result,  the façade „is alive” 24/7.

About Olivia Business Centre
Olivia Business Centre is the biggest and most modern office and business centre in region. Its planned area will exceed 120,000 square metres, which means that Olivia Business Centre will become the biggest office centre in Poland. Companies such as  Alior Bank, Allianz, Amazon, Bayer, Energa, Noble Bank, PKO BP, PwC, Sii,  and ThyssenKrupp opened their offices here. The Centre has been systematically expanding since 2010 at the rate of one building per year. Olivia Business Centre is however much more than buildings. Business, educational, cultural and sports events are regularly held here. The following services are at the Residents’ disposal: 3 conference rooms, medical centre with pharmacy, 3 restaurants, Starbucks café, kindergarten and nursery, 4 banks, modern middle school, beauty salon, notary, point for charging electrical cars and 04, the biggest business incubator in Poland. The Centre has more than 1600 parking places, over 200 bicycle parking racks and 5 changing rooms with showers. Two-floor fitness studio CityFit will be opened next year.

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