Olivia chooses Gdańsk, do it too!

With the start of the St. Dominic’s Fair – one of the oldest and the biggest fair and exhibition events in Europe – socio-educational project called “Choose Gdańsk. For living and working” organised by Gdańsk Global Foundation begins. Olivia Business Centre proudly supports the action. The project is to tell us a few words about the potential of Gdańsk by presenting its strong sides and hard arguments speaking in favour of them, and presenting people who decided to make Gdańsk their home. They chose this place for living and working. The project is being co-ordinated under the honorary patronage of the President of the City of Gdańsk, Paweł Adamowicz.

– We, Gdańsk residents, love our city and we know very well why – says Jarosław Śmigiel, marketing director in Olivia Business Centre. – Now we want to convince others that it is a wonderful place not only for living, but also for working. It is a good place to establish lasting ties for many years or maybe for the whole life, also professional one.

The project focuses on key issues for people who consider relocation, like comfort of life, education, work, health, sport, culture and art, social integration, innovativeness and entrepreneurship.

During St. Dominic’s Fair you can look out for some other interesting facts and data concerning Gdańsk, which confirm that it is an ideal place for living and working.

Thanks to the cooperation with Gdańsk International Fair, the project will reach, according to organisers’ calculations, more than one and a half million people (from outside Gdańsk) who visit St. Dominic’s Fair. The arguments for living in Gdańsk appear, among other things, in information and advertisement media promoting this unique event for the city.

The website wybierzgdansk.pl, on which, among other things, information and interesting facts about the city, as well as profiles of people who chose this place for living and working will be presented, is dedicated to the initiative “Choose Gdańsk”. The informative action will be held also on Facebook and Instagram. The start of this project’s edition will be accompanied by the change of its visual identification. New logo and visual identification system were developed by Linia2 Agency.

Ultimately, the project is to be presented during key events for Gdańsk, in cooperation with institutions, which activities cover promotion of the city and Gdańsk agglomeration in Poland and abroad.

The organiser of “Choose Gdańsk. For living and working” is Gdańsk Global Foundation. The project is being co-ordinated under the honorary patronage of the President of the City of Gdańsk, Paweł Adamowicz. The action, apart from Olivia Business Centre and Gdańsk International Fair, is supported also by the Employers of Pomerania, Gdańsk Foundation, European Solidarity Centre and Gdańsk Tourism Organisation.

We chose Gdańsk, do it too! 🙂

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