Olivia Business Centre invites to the Business Forum

Already on the 31st of May in the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia there will be held the 11th Business Forum – one of the biggest conferences dedicated to the companies from small and medium-sized enterprises sector in Pomerania. Olivia Business Centre, as a strategic partner, invites to participate in the event aiming to pass knowledge and information to entrepreneurs, which can be used by them in their everyday activity. This know-how is crucial also while taking up challenges connected with further planned development. 

Business Forum means 11 years of tradition and experience (the conference has earned its reputation under the name Pomeranian Business Forum). Companies’ interest in participating in the event, which is growing every year, encourages organisers to raise conference’s substantive level and motivates to meet participants’ growing expectations. The conference, apart from its substantive side and workshop work, creates great space to exchange experiences. The attractiveness of the forum is confirmed by the fact that every year it attracts more than 300 people.

The conference will begin with a commentary to current economic events and the assessment of their impact on small and medium-sized enterprises. Next, we will have a chance to listen to the discussion panel held by Pomeranian entrepreneurs: Maciej Grabski, Olivia Business Centre CEO, Jan Czechowicz, the owner of the PLASMET Czechowicz Sp. j. company, Krzysztof Igielski, the representative of the Igielski Ochrona Sp. z o.o. company and Medical-Dental Centres iMed., as well as Martyna Woźny-Tomczak, Personia CEO.

During networking break, in an area specially arranged by Nowy Styl Group for business talks, organisers will offer participants an opportunity to establish new business contacts and benefit from free consultations in the scope of possibilities to develop export potential and acquire EU funds for business development.

During the break we invite you to visit Olivia Business Centre’s area, which was also arranged together with Nowy Styl Group.

After the break, meetings in three thematic areas will be held: finance, management and innovations. During the meeting concerning innovations we will have a chance to listen to Marta Moksa (Coworking O4, Olivia Business Centre). She will give a speech entitled “It takes a whole village to raise an… innovation”.

The event is free of charge, you need to register on the event’s website.

Forum’s detailed programme

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