Olivia Business Centre – The Best Partner of Labour Office in Gdańsk in 2016

At the end of January, the Day of Employment Services was festively celebrated in Gdańsk. The history of labour offices in Poland already goes back 98 years. The tradition of institutions, which statutorily deal with vocational counselling dates back to 1919, when Marshal Piłsudski signed a decree on the organisation of public labour offices and care for emigrants.

This year, the Day of Employment Services was celebrated in the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre. An occasional conference held on the 26 January was honoured by the presence of, among others, the representatives of self-government authorities, organisations of employers and the employees of the Labour Office in Gdańsk (GUP).

The distinction in the 2016 Best Partner of GUP category was granted to Olivia Business Centre. Maciej Grabski, CEO of OBC, received the award from the president Andrzej Bojanowski.

Photo. From the left: Roland Budnik, Maciej Grabski, Andrzej Bojanowski; source: GUP


Roland Budnik, the director of the Labour Office in Gdańsk, summarised the past year and paid a special attention to two projects launched in cooperation with Olivia Business Centre – The Talent Development Centre and Job Office.

The past twelve months were the time of a really intensive work. Launching the Talent Development Centre, Recruitment Department for Foreign Workers and Gdański Urząd Pracy – Job Office are just three examples of undertakings which we managed to fulfil together. Special attention should be drawn also to our activity in the scope of professional activation. We have obtained one of the highest employment and cost effectiveness in our country, for which I would like to thank my employees, as well as our long-term partners – Employers of Pomerania, authorities of Gdańsk and Gdańsk County – said Roland Budnik, the director of the Labour Office in Gdańsk during the ceremony.

Gdański Urząd Pracy – Job Office (located at Olivia Six) is a specialised organisational unit of District Employment Office in Gdańsk which copes with corporate customer service. It is strategic business partner responsible, among other things, for supporting employers in a broadly understood human resources management.

The Talent Development Centre (CRT) (Olivia Six) is a modern, hospitable and friendly place for everyone looking for support while developing their own professional careers. The mission of CRT is to help create strong points and support talent development, as well as teach the skills which strengthen self-confidence. The centre builds the network of practical cooperation between employment services and educational institutions along with employers to create common value, that is the use of potential of talents on the labour market.

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