Olivia Business Centre a partner of the 755th St. Dominic’s Fair

During the 755th St. Dominic’s Fair Olivia Business Centre will be the main partner of two interesting initiatives. One is the Fair Information and Meeting Centre. The other project named “Choose Gdańsk!” is to encourage young people to live and work in Gdańsk.

Olivia Business Centre is a prestigious, safe and vivid business centre located at the very heart of the metropolis, right by the Oliwa Campus of the University of Gdańsk. Offices in the Centre are operated by such companies as: Allianz, Amazon.com Ivona Software, Bayer, Energa, Noble Bank, PKO BO, PwC, Sii, Starbucks or ThyssenKrupp. Now about 5 000 people are employed at the Centre. In the next few years, the number may be doubled.

“We perceive Olivia Business Centre as a business landmark of Gdańsk. We wish to contribute to the organisation of St. Dominic’s Fair, the largest event of its kind in Europe”, says Maciej Grabski, President of Olivia Business Centre.

The Fair Information and Meeting Centre will be located in Targ Węglowy, opposite the main stage. Olivia Business Centre will be the main partner and sponsor of the space. The “Choose Gdańsk!” project is a social initiative addressed to young people to make them aware that Gdańsk offers a very high standard of living and many job opportunities and career development.

“Gdańsk is an excellent place for living and working. An increasing number of foreign investors have been selecting Gdańsk to locate branches of their companies. We want well educated people from all over Poland to continue their careers in our city. At Olivia Business Centre everyone can find a place for themselves and actively pursue their ideas. This is a result of collaboration with public institutions, universities and businesses. The business district that has been developed in Gdańsk-Oliwa as a result of the collaboration, is a unique project in the national scale”, a vision of the centre development is presented by Maciej Grabski.


On Olivia Business Centre

The Centre has been developing regularly since 2010. The completed office buildings: Olivia Gate, Olivia Point, Olivia Tower, Olivia Four and Olivia Six opened last May, surround a patio with greenery and fountains where a unique winter garden is being constructed. Last April the construction of the Olivia Star skyscraper was started to be the highest building of the Centre.

Olivia Business Centre means much more than just buildings. Regular business, educational, cultural and sports events take place there. Residents of the Centre have access to such services as: support in staff recruitment, legal and financial consulting, marketing and IT support. They have access to three conference centres, a medical centre, restaurants, kindergarten and crèche, three banks, a modern junior high school, coffee shop, beauty salon, notary’s office, electrical car charging point. Recently O4 space was opened officially which is an entrepreneurship accelerator with instant offices. The Centre has over 1600 parking spaces and change rooms for cyclists

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