“Nothing that started yesterday ends up today!” – some words about a 3camp powered by Interizon meeting

On Thursday, July 6, the 4th edition of the meeting of expats who live in Tricity was held as part of 3 camp powered by Interizon. The event was organised by Pomeranian ICT Cluster Interizon in Galeria Sztuk Różnych. Olivia Business Centre and Gdańsk Tourism Organisation, which handed a very practical gift to the foreign guests – Tourist Card vouchers, were the partners of the event.

This edition was unique in comparison with previous ones because this time foreign guests were shown how fantastic the place they live in is. Due to a limited number of seats, only 20 people could participate in the event. Participants came, among other countries, from: Great Britain, France, Russia, Ukraine and Croatia. Among these guests there were also the representatives of Olivia Business Centre Residents’ community, among others from Amazon and PwC, who decided to spend their lives in Tricity.

Participants were captivated by a wonderful atmosphere, uniqueness of place and multitude of inspirations from the representatives of Gdańsk artistic milieu – Maciej Kosycarz and Magdalena Beneda.

Both artists presented their own career histories together with the context of development in the area of business and relations with new media and new technologies, which facilitate the development of social relations and contacts, including the development of ways to reach recipients and clients. 

Maciej Kosycarz told about the history of unique photos of Gdańsk from his archive, as well as from an unusual collection of photos taken by his father Zbigniew. While Magdalena Beneda – artist, painter and graphic designer, who knows how to combine art with business, presented her authorial collection of unique paintings, porcelain and fabrics with the motives of historical buildings and the most important places on the map of Gdańsk.

We believe that the 4th edition of 3camp powered by Interizon meeting enabled to build new relations between members of international IT community, which, according to the slogan “Nothing that started yesterday ends up today!”, will be long-lasting and will help participants develop their professional life.

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