New branch of the Gdańsk Job Office opens in Olivia Six

Olivia Business Centre will get a new resident at the end of March. This time, Job Office will move to the largest business centre in the Tri-City. The new inhabitant will locate its office on the 13th floor of Olivia Six. It will be an organizational entity of the Poviat Job Office in Gdańsk specializing in the service addressed to corporate customers. The official opening will take place in Olivia Sky Club at 11 am on March 21.

The Tri-City has been attracting the largest investors like a magnet for a few years. They appreciate not only the excellent geographic location of the region, the potential of the local job market but also its unique, business-friendly climate. As a result, giants of the IT industry, finances and modern technologies locate their offices on the Motlawa River and new jobs emerge with them. However, the true investment boom makes it increasingly difficult to find specialized and experienced staff. This problem can be solved in a new place: Job Office.

Due to its nature, it will be located in the business centre of Tri-City: the modern complex of the Olivia Business Centre. It is there that two experienced experts of the Gdańsk Job Office will await their customers and their task will be to effectively support entrepreneurs in the development of professional human resources. How will it work? On the one hand, Job Office will promote the current offer of Public Employment Services; it will inform employers about the organization of internships and training courses as well as about the possibility to obtain financial support for the creation of new jobs. Experts with practical experience can also help complete the necessary electronic documentation on the spot. Among other things, each employee will be able to submit the following documents to the National Labour Office: internship application, settlement documents and other letters sent in the form of an attachment as well as sign an internship organization agreement. Additionally, advisors will explain matters related to employment and help solve other formal and legal problems.

Even though a lot will happen on the 13th floor as of the very first day, the ‘labour office’ remains much more ambitious. – “We will offer pre-recruitment to institutional customers”, explains Roland Budnik, the Director of the National Labour Office in Gdańsk. “At the request of firms, the search for their future employees can go far beyond the candidates available in the records of our Office”, he adds. To this end, the Job Office will use the resources of the largest database in the region in its daily work. Thanks to an increasingly active cooperation of the labour office with the education market, the database will consist of collections of a few Tri-City institutions such as: the Poviat Labour Office in Gdańsk, University of Gdańsk, Sopot University of Applied Science, University of Business and Administration in Gdynia, Gdańsk University of Technology as well as the pracopolia.pl portal.

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