New 25 thousand metres of office space to be delivered in 2019

Olivia Business Centre begins its new investment. The eighth building of the business centre thanks to which the developer will deliver another 25 thousand square metres of the best-quality office space to the Tri-City market is being erected. The investment is to be completed by the end of 2019. So, at this moment under construction there are simultaneously two technologically advanced A class office buildings: building number seven, with 28 thousand metres square of space, and building number eight. The office market will grow by more than 50 square metres in total.

At the turn of the second and third quarter of 2018, the seventh building in Olivia Business Centre with 28 thousand square metres of space will be put into service. Both office buildings, currently under construction, will be connected with each other, so that the investors will get office space amounting to nearly 4 thousand square metres on one floor at their disposal. Olivia Business Centre is one of the most interesting, multi-functional office investments in Poland.


Olivia Eight:

  • Planned delivery: 2019
  • Height: 55 metres
  • Number of floors above the ground level: 15
  • Number of underground floors (car parks): 3
  • Area for rent: 25 thousand m2

Olivia Business Centre is one of the most interesting, multi-functional office investments in Poland. Located in the geographic centre of the Tri-City, close to the university campus, Olivia has been developing rapidly since 2010. More than 200 firms have their seats there, e.g. Alior Bank, Allianz, Amazon, Arrow Electronics, Bayer, Energa, Noble Bank, PKO BP, PwC, Ricoh, Sii, ThyssenKrupp. Olivia Business Centre guarantees optimum operating and development conditions to the tenants. Understanding that the success of an enterprise depends on varied factors, it guarantees, in addition to the best-quality of office space, also the access to specialized HR, IT, finance and consulting, legal or marketing firms present in the centre. Some of the facilities at the disposal of tenants include: 3 conference centres, a medical centre with a pharmacy, CityFit fitness studio, junior high school, kindergarten and a day care, a beauty salon, a notary and an electric car charging point. Olivia actively supports the local community and also implements numerous projects promoting the development and integration of employees of the complex. Over 500 business, educational, cultural and sports events per year take place at Olivia Business Centre.


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