Near people’s concerns and needs. „Christmas Nature Fair” starts in Gdansk-Oliwa

How to prepare well for the forthcoming Christmas time of meetings with people who are closest to you? How to make the most beautiful, individual and suitable presents? What will make this time unforgettable for a long time? In response to the needs of Oliwa’s local community and people working at office blocks in Oliwa, the Olivia Business Centre team prepared an event which will help all people who are busy with work to prepare unique presents and tasty treats for the forthcoming Christmas.

Openness to local needs

For all residents of Tricity and all lovers of an environmentally friendly lifestyle, the Olivia Business Centre team prepared Christmas Nature Fair, which will be held on Friday, 18th December, H 13.00-18.00. The popular Gdansk Nature Bazaar will present their special Christmas offer. Regional producers of organic food will create a happy Christmas atmosphere of a fair at Olivia Business Centre.

Vendors will offer traditionally baked breads (i.a. from emmer, without flour, baked on sourdough, of rye), fresh meat and fish, dairy products (i.a. goat and cow cheeses), vegetables, preserves from fruit and leguminous vegetables, ready-to-cook and gluten-free food, honeys, fresh Goya fruit, black raspberries, mulberries, umbellate oleasters, endemic species of apples, Provencal pumpkins, kalanchoes, kale, Jerusalem artichoke, hagberry juice, milk thistle oil.

When you visit the Christmas Nature Fair at Olivia Business Centre, you’ll be able to talk with producers and breeders and learn about the process of making a product as well as check its certificates of quality. Presented products are prepared only a day or two before the Bazaar.

„We prepare many Christmas surprises for the employees of Olivia Business Centre’s offices each year. This year there are live concerts, a competition for the most beautiful decoration and diverse building & internal patio illuminations. Now we want to focus also on all residents of Tricity and to encourage them to buy natural products and handmade decorations & presents for Christmas,” says Malgorzata Ziemkowska, Customer Service Manager at Olivia Business Centre.

Residents co-create the community

Companies which operate everyday at Olivia Business Centre will be also involved in the Christmas week at Olivia Business Centre. Recently opened FIVE Restaurant will open a small bakery with products of an individual character. The Lobster restaurant will prepare an offer with typical Christmas dishes, and Starbucks café will invite for Christmas coffee and sweets. Additionally, a bazaar with handmade jewellery, clothes for the youngest, pottery and winter preserves will be held on Thursday, 17th December in the 04 innovation development space, which is located in the Olivia Four building.

„Ecology is a very important aspect in all areas of Starbucks’ activity. We will prepare e.g. special gift sets during the fair. These sets will consist of our coffees, which are produced from the best and ethically obtained seeds,” says Grzegorz Garbowski, Store Manager at Starbucks café at Olivia Business Centre.



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