Olivia Business Centre at the 8th Conference of Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL).

From 12th to 14th June in Łódź, an annual ABSL Conference takes place under the slogan “The Old World Disrupted”. This is a unique international networking platform, which is at the same time the most anticipated event of the sector of modern business services in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2016, ABSL was hailed as the best congress in Poland, which wins, inter alia, with NATO congress. About 1000 experts and managers of the biggest companies from BSS sector participated in last year’s edition. This year, similarly to the previous years, the participants had a chance to listen to more than 100 speakers and panellists, among whom there were, inter alia, David Cameron, the British Prime Minister from 2010 to 2016 and Randi Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media. The main aim of the conference is to enable interactions and the exchange of ideas between key persons who influence business and politics, as well as discussions on the newest megatrends.

Olivia Business Centre participates in this event and presents, among other things, THE MIXING SPACE – the space (modelled on the unique garden that is now being created in Olivia) which promotes the idea of cooperation, exchange of visions and ideas, which aids the creation of new initiatives, inter alia, thanks to the meetings of diversified sectors, industries and people in friendly, modern and qualitative environment which supports diversity. OBC networking area’s meaningful motto during the ABSL conference is “Happy people. Better business.”



In Polish service centres for business 32 thousand people found jobs over the last year. 244 thousand people work already in the industry and 724 enterprises are active in this area. Many of them are strong, global brands. Centres provide services for clients in 38 languages. Among them there are such niche languages as Hindi, Swahili or Urdu. Job in service centres is an offer for young people. The average age is 31. On the map of the strongest centres Kraków, with 55,8 thousand employees, is unsurpassed. It is followed by Warsaw (42,6k) and Wrocław (40k). Further places belong to Tricity (19,3k), Katowice (19k) and Łódź (18,1k). 

More information: www.absl-conference.com


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