Mayor of Gdańsk, Paweł Adamowicz, in Olivia Business Centre

On Friday, September 1, Olivia Business Centre was visited by the mayor of Gdańsk – Paweł Adamowicz. He was accompanied by vice mayor – Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, who is responsible for economic policy of Gdańsk. Guests were invited to the roof of Olivia Star, the highest building in northern Poland, by Olivia CEO, Maciej Grabski.  

What did the mayor like the most, looking from this perspective? 

„The fact, that from this building you can see that Gdańsk is developing. Cranes are the symbol of dynamism. On the other hand, you can also see spaces, which can be filled with urban tissue. You can see that Gdańsk has a great potential, as it has many hectares of land, which can be wisely developed. We can build there blocks of flats, kindergartens, nurseries… In short, Gdańsk can develop and can keep a healthy age structure” – said Paweł Adamowicz in an interview with editors of gdansk.pl, who accompanied the mayor during the meeting.

„We are proud that we participate in this big project because Gdańsk is changing before our very eyes. Compared with such cities as Cracow, Warsaw and Wrocław we are very dynamic when it comes to residents’ potential and the number of created workplaces” – said Maciej Grabski, Olivia Business Centre CEO, about the investment in an interview with gdansk.pl

Comprehensive information and video footage can be found on www.gdansk.pl.

Paweł Adamowicz reported about his visit on the roof of Olivia Star on his official profile: 

See the photo-coverage of Paweł Adamowicz’s visit in Olivia Business Centre:

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