Hundreds of visitors, wonderful weather and programme packed with attractions – photo coverage of Children’s Day at the Olivia Business Centre.

A family picnic organised on Saturday to celebrate the Children’s Day offered lots of attractions and great  excitement to the youngest residents of the Oliwa district and other districts of Gdańsk, as well as the children of the Olivia Business Centre Residents.

Enjoying wonderful weather, the children – smiling from ear to ear – spent several hours on learning new skills and abilities, gaining knowledge in the scope of chemistry and technology and taking part in sports competitions.

Look through the photos below to learn more about the Children’s Day organised in the Olivia Business Centre for the third time.


As usually, the inflatable playground caused tremendous excitement among children. This time, there were two fabulous slides and a saloon.


The children watched the performance given by the Klapa Theatre with profound attention. Apart from an interesting story based on a fairy tale, the children could also learn about the safety principles for pedestrians and many other interesting things.


Indisputably, the main attraction of the mini playback show included the songs from “Frozen”.


Young enthusiasts of board games and of Peppa Pig could play a special version of Monopoly. This time, the board was so huge that the role of the pieces was taken over by the children.


In the time between different games and activities, the children were offered healthy and delicious snacks prepared by the Lobster Restaurant located at the Olivia Business Centre. As the remedy for thirst, the children were served refreshing lemonade and water.

We would like to thank all visitors for coming there as well as to our Gold Sponsor and Partners for their contribution to the organisation of this event. See you in a year!


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