Happy birthday, Goyello!

They started with a discussion at the kitchen table. Today, after 10 years of operation, they employ over 100 people in three offices in Gdańsk, Koszalin and in the Netherlands. Overall they have completed more than 600 IT projects for customers in Europe and the United States. They convince that Agile is not a methodology. Agile is a state of mind. They will celebrate their milestone birthday in non-typical way.

Goyello, one of the first residents of the Olivia Business Centre, celebrates its 10th anniversary of establishment in November. The team decided to celebrate the occasion in a unique manner. They invited employees, customers, experts whose knowledge they respect and young people whose opinion is important to them to participate in the venture.

„In addition to the traditional birthday cake and a party, we wanted to have something material and, at the same time, valuable as a souvenir for our 10th birthday”, says Kasia Szemro, the Marketing Director in Goyello. “Something that will be a gift both for us and for our customers and business partners. We took a bet on good contents and established the “Move IT”.

“Move IT” is a magazine containing interviews with customers of the firm, videos, statements of team members about current trends in the industry and interviews with Agile experts. Authors of the publication presented the history of Goyello in the form of an infographics, created a comic strip about the adventures of a hero named Paolo Goyello and asked children what application would they create if they had such an opportunity.

“When preparing the magazine, we looked at the changes that took place in the industry during the last 10 years”, says Kasia Szemro. “We showed success stories of our customers from their point of view. We gave the floor to our people who are experts in their respective fields. We also wondered what our customers may expect of us in the future. This is why we invited youth to the conversation”.

The “Move IT” magazine is available in the traditional, printed version addressed to employees and customers of the firm and in the electronic form accessible to all here: Goyello.

Peter Horsen and Arie de Bruin established Goyello on November 29, 2006. They placed their bet on the Western management style, flat structure and a team consisting of talented Polish programmers. They were among the pioneers of the IT industry on the Polish market. Shortly afterwards, they decided to execute projects in the Agile methodology. They have been Agile to this day. They encourage and help transform the customers who have not worked using that methodology so far. Goyello boasts code generation according to the best practices. Additionally, it offers the end-to-end care and advice to their customers from the idea to the prototyping and validation, to the generation of the target solution. The firm has the Gold Microsoft Partner certificate. It is a member of the Employers of Pomerania and the Coalition for Friendly Recruitment.

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