You have to wait for the good things in life, and when the project is a unique one of a kind, it’s definitely worth it! Some time ago, the idea of ​​creating a place where people could spend their time surrounded by greenery was born in our heads. We asked the best designers in the country to create a vision of the Olivia Business Centre Garden. The Malinowski Design Urban & Landscape studio and BXB Studio won our competition with the concept of the „green and blue archipelago”. We worked on the project for over a year, creating new variants of the garden, and finally – thanks to the work of an interdisciplinary team – a version was created that we could test with you.

Together with SHOPA Design & Strategy, we conducted a number of Design Thinking workshops. We also had hundreds of meetings and consultations with you, and then  created prototypes of the garden together, which we tested with you on the patio and in the lobby of Olivia Star. We adapted the final project to your needs. We increased the number of relaxation areas by 40% and plants by as much as 30% and you chose the name of this place! 

And now, we are preparing Olivia Garden for you!

The first plants are already in the ground. Before their arrival, we needed a moment to test the advanced ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and hydration systems. We wanted to make sure that these wonderful specimens would take root and would soon be able to please the eyes of all the Olivia Residents, who would be the first to enter Olivia Garden at Olivia Star. 

In Olivia we can really feel, that #greeniscoming 

  • for you there will be nearly 4,000 plants – of around150 different species 
  • 40 giant trees, over 7 meters high
  • greenery from4 continents: Africa, South America, Australia and Asia 
  • including fruit trees, plants with fragrant flowers and aerial roots
  • benches, cushions and other unusual places for youto relax
  • you will be able to siton a mezzanine,just like in a tree house 
  • you will be able tovisit a bar to sampleexotic cocktails and a healthy, oriental menu … 

Greenery and our residents’ wellbeing are a great inspiration for us 

At your disposal in Olivia and in the immediate vicinity of our centre, there is around 24,400 m2 of green space. We have, amongst other things, Linden Avenue (Aleja Lipowa), a pocket garden, a green patio, and terraces on the roofs of the Prime A and B buildings, and now we have the unique Olivia Garden in bloom. We want you to feel at your best here. 

Did you know?   

  • An increase in green areas by 1 hectare within 300m of the place you liveis associated with an increase of 8 percentage points in life satisfaction (“Applied Geography”) 
  • Researchers from the University of Plymouth has shown that even passive observation of greenery has health benefits, as it reduces stress („Health & Place”)
  • Researchersfrom Exeter, led by Dr Ian Alcock, claim that people moving to greener neighbourhoods in cities experience significant and long-lasting improvements in mental health (“Environmental Science & Technology”).  
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) constantly emphasizes the positive impact of greenery on our general well-being, as well ason our mental and physical health. Green urban spaces improve air quality, reduce noise and lower the temperature. Furthermore, they have a positive effect on our interpersonal relationships. 

Follow what’s happening in the garden, here 

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