Great success with O4 space at Olivia Business Centre. Works have started to add a new floor

It was only within a few months since opening that all offices became leased in O4 space. Another floor dedicated to small companies in the project will be commissioned in September.

O4 space is located in the Olivia Four building – one of the five buildings in the Olivia Business Centre complex. O4 at its ground floor provides a multimedia conference centre while on the first floor there are offices of various sizes, co-working space to be rented by the hour and welfare facilities. O4 is a project offering unique value to companies and business projects at various stages of development.

The “Four” in the name – apart from identifying the location – refers to the four pillars of the project program on which activities or support rely in the following dimensions: financing, internationalisation, “Smart Space” offer and creative education.


People and companies that decide to locate their business in O4 space will be provided with assistance in establishing relations locally, nationally and internationally. This includes establishment of new companies and projects, equal development chances for existing businesses, exchange of experiences, search for financing, collaboration between science and business, education and development of art and design”, says Marta Moksa, managing director of O4.

Biuro w O4


In the space opened 3 months ago already 100% of available space has been rented. It is now occupied by 30 small and medium-sized companies that occupy offices from 16 m2. As the interest in the offer was great, design and construction works have been started on an additional floor. The arrangement will be different from the existing functioning space. It will be opened this September.

Tenants in O4 operate in various sectors: IT, e-commerce, language training, translations, intelligent home solutions, HR, consulting, venture capital and financing. Among the tenants of O4 there are companies from outside Poland. Those include Webmerce from the Netherlands, Martela, Finland, Web-On, Norway, Winning Moves, UK or eGain operating in Finland, Estonia and Denmark.

Over 150 people come to O4 daily plus more to numerous events and conferences. Although the Centre has been operating for a short time, the following events were already held here: 3Camp meetings, conference of the Educational Excellence Centre, discussion panel of experts from Olivia Business Centre with students from various countries within the European Economic Congress or a meeting with Magda Gacyk, a journalist and blogger who lives in Silicon Valley.

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