Great Christmas Decoration Contest at Olivia Business Centre

We cordially invite you to participate in the 2nd edition of the Christmas contest of the Olivia Business Centre for the most beautiful, self-made Christmas tree decoration.

We made a lot of beautiful decorations together last year. We will be able to admire all of them also this year, on the Christmas tree placed in the reception of the Olivia Gate A building.

This year…

  • This is the one-stage closed contest (addressed to employees and partners of office and service space tenants in the “Olivia Business Centre” complex and members of their families only).
  • Submissions shall be received by 24:00 on December 10, 2016. Submissions sent after that date will not take part in the Contest.
  • The finished decoration has to be placed on the Christmas tree in the lobby of the office building being a part of the Olivia Business Centre office complex housing the office of the tenant for whom the Participant works/ with whom the Participant cooperates.
  • The works submitted to the Contest will be examined by the contest jury to be established by the Organizer by December 10, 2016. When evaluating the submissions, the jury will take into account the originality, aesthetics, references to the tradition and commitment of Participants.
  • Results of the Contest will be announced on the website: www.oliviacentre.com and on Facebook fan page of the Olivia Business Centre on December 14, 2016.
  • Participation in the Contest is voluntary. Each person acceding to the Contest in line with these Rules and Conditions becomes its Participant (hereinafter: “the Participant”) and accepts all provisions of these Rules and Conditions.
  • Participants can take part in the Contest individually or as teams consisting of max. five people. A Participant as an individual or a part of a team can make or take part in the making of max. one Christmas decoration (contest work) and max. five contest submissions can be made by one tenant.
  • The prerequisite of participation in the Contest is the submission of an application and the making of a Christmas decoration by the submitted Participants. The decoration making process has to be documented with at least one photograph.
  • Submissions of Participants in the Contest have to be made exclusively by e-mail sent to: malgorzata.ziemkowska@oliviacentre.com. The submission should contain:
    • full names of Participants;
    • the name of the tenant in the Olivia Business Centre office complex;
    • at least one photograph documenting the decoration making and at least one photograph of the final effect;
    • the information about the location in which the Christmas decoration was placed (the lobby of a selected building).


Let us feel the spirit of Christmas. Let us put our hearts into the preparation of decoration and give some personal look to the design of the Olivia Business Centre reception during this special family time.


We count on your creativity and sense of humour 🙂


See the complete Rules and Conditions of the Contest


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